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wife texting another man with explict material.

hi im new but very worried my wife of 5yrs i found her sending and receiving real explict txt messages from another man it hurt me so bad when i confronted her about it she said she done it because i dont pay any attention to her which is so not true for me it was an excuse , we have what she thinks sorted it the last 6months but truth be told i still think about it every night and cant trust her anymore she still nvr has the phone out of her hand txting and facebooking all the time who knows who she i talking to we have a son at 12 and hes the 1 that is keeping me here but truth be told i just want out now cud sumbody help please with some answers thanks.

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  1. Orion

    If you want out then you should get out. Your son is going to be better off with divorced but happy parents than he will ever be with married but unhappy parents. Your son is not a reason to stay married because your marriage is between you and your wife.

    Your wife has told you that she feels like you’re not paying any attention to her so she turns to other men to get the attention she needs. You might think it’s not true but that’s just the way you see things. Your opinion is that your wife is making excuses. Your wife’s truth is that she feels neglected, she wants attention, you’re not giving her the attention she wants so she goes out and gets it elsewhere. The question is, how much do either one of you value your marriage and value each other.

    From the looks of it neither of you value your marriage or value the other very much.

    Your wife feels neglected so instead of coming and talking to you about it and finding a way to make you understand that even though you might not think you’re neglecting her that is how she feels and it is making her vulnerable in ways that could threaten your marriage, she just goes right out and starts looking for attention from other men.

    You want out of your marriage because your wife exchanged inappropriate text messages with another man.

    It doesn’t sound like either one of you is really cut out for marriage so maybe the solution is to leave now because you’re apparently not trying to solve the problems that lead to the explicit texts in the first place, which means that the next time it probably won’t be just a case of her sending texts. She’ll probably have a full blown affair; and if you can’t forgive and get over explicit text messages, how do you imagine you might react to her having an affair? Better to get out now before it gets to that point.

  2. mike

    My wife cheated on me with her modeling agent and made excuses about how it was my fault for not being around (I was deployed and she married me while I was in the military…she knew what she was getting into). All I can say is if she’s texting this guy about anything sexual how do you know she hasn’t already done anything in person? It only takes a few minutes for her to cheat. I will tell you for me I think about my wife cheating on me constantly there are reminders throughout your day to day life that make it a living hell. You won’t be able to trust her probably ever again so I’d do what I did and just move out and get ready for the divorce. People like this are sick people and need help but hardly ever seek it. I know that if I got back together with my wife she could never leave the house without me wondering if she’s cheating. If you can’t trust your partner your marriage will never work.


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