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IM married and living a long distance relationship, to make a long story short. i meet with my ex boyfriend to about 2 months ago, we had sex twice and the last time his condom broke. i got scared when that happened because im always very careful with that, got a blood test done and just found out i have herpes. I dont know how to tell my husban that. Iam devastated, im just thinking i should not be alive right now. i knew i was doing something wrong, i was always advising my brother about this and now i have an STD. helpp please!!!!

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I JUST FOUND OUT I HAVE HERPES, 1.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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  1. carol

    Herpes is curable.Thank god u dont have Hiv or Hepatitis.Visit a doctor and he wil give u appropriate medicines.

  2. Ralph

    Carol’s advice is garbage; IGNORE it. Herepes is NOT curable.

    Plain and simple – when you cheat on your significant other and contract an STI, you ABSOLUTELY MUST tell your significant other so that his/her health is not needlessly put at risk.

    Time to put on your big-girl panties and act like an adult. Tell the man that you cheated on him, tell him that you contracted an incurable (but managable) STI, and let him decide how he wants to proceed in the relationship. Don’t try to manipulate him or guilt him into doing what you want him to do. Rather, give him the truth and let him decide for himself how he wants to react.


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