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My friend wants to pay to have sex with my wife and I think she’s willing?

Okay I know how this is going to sound. I have this buddy that’s never hidden the fact that he thinks my wife is hot. Matter of fact it was through him that I met my wife. He was dating my wife’s cousin and there was a party that he took me along with him and my wife was at the party. Well she wasn’t my wife yet obviously. But she was at that party and before I actually met her my friend had pointed her out to me and told me she was the cousin of the girl he was dating and how he was only really dating her cousin because he hoped it would help him get closer to her; but the way it worked out her cousin introduced us and we hit it off and started going out and now we’re married. Been married 5 years.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I was talking to my friend about how my wife was having a hard time coming up with money she needed to start a side business and in the middle of the conversation he jokes that he’d gladly give her the money if she slept with him. It’s not the first time he’s talked about sleeping with my wife. It’s kind of out in the open that he wants to sleep with her. Even she knows it. So when he says this I just respond with the usual but he tells me in this tone that he’s not joking. Still I don’t take him seriously; but pretty much every day since he brought up the subject usually just asking me if my wife has come up with the money she needs and repeating his offer.

So I finally mention it to my wife as a joke and she asks me how much is he offering. I think she’s just going along with the joke so I say I don’t know I guess he’s offering to pay the whole amount she needs. She then asks me if I think he’s serious so I ask her why it matters if he’s serious .I mean it’s not like she’d consider taking him up on the offer even if he was serious. She gives me this look that almost seems to be saying that yes, she would take him up on his offer if he was serious; but she doesn’t say anything. So the conversation ends but then the next day she brings up the subject again. She says to me that out of curiosity she wants to know how I would feel if she took my friend up on his offer. I ask her why does she ask, if she’s actually seriously considering it and she says no, she’s just curious what I would do if she said she wanted to do it. She was curious how I’d react if I would actually let her do it. I told her I didn’t know and that I didn’t really want to talk about it. Tonight she brings up the subject again and I’m starting to get the feeling that she’s actually considering it. I want her to be able to start her business and I can’t provide the money she needs. If she could get the money for trading one night of sex it’s possible I could look the other way. So should i just tell her that it’s okay with me if she wants to do it?

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My friend wants to pay to have sex with my wife and I think she's willing?, 6.0 out of 10 based on 42 ratings
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  1. martin

    Why would you agree to let your wife essentially prostitute herself. If she does this and with your permission then 1. She has no self respect 2. You have no respect for her

    1. Gibbs

      If you’re willing to ruin your marriage (and it will ruin it), then by all means. But what a waste.

  2. Karlee

    Are you serious? If she does it with your friend how will that make you look, do you think he will keep it secret? If she is as interested as you make it seem, she could do it with or without your agreeing to it and the BIG point is where will she stop? She might like it enough to see him again nd again and even prostitute herself to other men wow do you have a polem mate?!!

  3. LR

    Considering that your friend was after her before you even met, you are both open about it, he keeps bringing it up, she keeps bringing it up – I bet they already have some kind of relationship going on, maybe quite the hot little affair, and they both discussed this idea quite a bit before you even heard of it – so, yes, get him to help support her.

    Btw – I strongly disagree with the other comments so far. Especially Martin, how presumptuous of him to imply he knows or understands anything about your wife’s self image. Do you have magical psychic powers, Martin? Or do you just assume the entire world is as closed minded and misogynist as you?

    How about this: it’s HER body, HER mind, HER life, HER husband, HER friend, and I for one have much more respect for a woman who thinks for herself and takes control of her own destiny, than a mindless caged virgen who needs some one with a scrotum to “let her” do anything!!

  4. Fm

    I would like to talk to you about this as my fiancé and I have had a offer and it’s a stranger but he has proven he has the funds of $20,000 and even considering paying $50,000 to have sex with her while I am there for her protection. I need advice as well so please contact me on my mail sfm1972atlivedotcom please. We believe he is a wealthy younger guy that had an inheritance cause he’s sent bank acct info from a screen shot with just the acct numbers blackened out but his name is visible along with the amounts in each account.

  5. Karlee

    My other half has a best friend who lost his second wife to cancer, it’s a long story but we felt sorry for him and I had sex with him, he now comes round regularly and I am happy to oblige him, especially as he now pays me, I onsider it helping a friend and for mr it’s fun with extra perks xx

  6. Paul

    You know you want her to do it so why mess about ,she will enjoy another guy having sex with her for a few minutes you obviously will be turned on by it, and she gets the money .that makes all three of you happy

  7. koole

    If you love your wife, and if you’re proud of her sexual values​​, do not sell your wife, you do not give your wife. ever for anyone as it is a cheap prostitute. let your wife that she f**ks him as a proud woman as best she can, the same as your real good friends. she needs to show him all of her best values ​​in sex, so that you would be proud of your wife and her sexual experience, as your superior lover and not a prostitute. Money comes and goes an beautiful memories still remain as for you and for thy friend. do not let anyone financially demeans your beloved wife

  8. Noname

    You are ‘screwed’.

    She wants to do your “friend” and is looking for an excuse.

    Might as well go with it & hope you get at least 1/2 of what’s left after the divorce attorneys clean you both out.

  9. Kizlkazl

    I would just say think how it will play out afterward. How will everyone feel in the days weeks months after. And be realistic too. If you both think it will be all roses and sunshine then good luck.

    Also, there are many sugar baby websites to get money if that’s not an issue for you guys anymore. Might be easier than having to see this friend of yours afterward. Bc he will probably want more. Or even feel entitled for more. Especially if he has paid a lot for it.

  10. bry

    This desire for my wife has been haunting me continually and I know she finds it offensive.At the root of my problem lies the inert sexual relationship we have which,despite all the love and attention she hardly reciprocates.Hardly touching me apart from kissing yet she gets orgasm under pressure from me. That i why I long for her to experience much better co operative pleasures..even being seduced by another to be disciplined properly and to fall under his power.She doesnt crave for sex apparently nor even want to discuss sexuality.I find my adulterous needs defy solution.Help.

  11. angela

    I find it difficult to understand it is just sex, she is not asking to have a relationship, I have had threesomes with my hubby and his friend and also had sex with his friend, going by the sounds of it your wife is treating it like a business transaction. Maybe like me she is also in a bit of a rut and the thought of another guy wanted to have sex with her is turning her on.
    I would have a very frank conversation and lay down some rules that you and her are happy with, agree that she is not staying over and is just having a night out but will be home late. Or ask if you can join in? a lot of women fantasize about having two men but never go through with it. That maybe another way that you agree and do not feel it is happening behind your back

  12. Vick

    You planted a seed, now your wife wants to have sex with your friend. Your friend played you and you are about to be cuckold.

  13. imran

    Go ahead with it you will love it, my wife has been sleeping around makes me horny to listen to her sex adventures.

  14. Mark

    Sex is currency. Members of Royal Courts (courtesans) have known this and have exploited it for centuries to gain favor and enormous wealth for their families. Just make sure you both and your children benefit from the transaction. Good luck!


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