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have a son 5 years old whose bio father would love to be in his life but my boyfriend on and off for 8 years thinks he is the father

My boyfriend and I have been together on and off for about 8 years. Before my son was born we had been partying and doing drugs. My boyfriend was horrible mean abusive so I turn to another man for comfort. I became pregnant had my son and as soon as i seen him I knew it was not my boyfriends. The man who I believe is the biological father keeps quiet but sometimes wants to know if my son is really his. My son is five now . I’m with my boyfriend but am truly in love with the possible bio father. So 2 things should I tell the truth and should i have dna done . Its not fair for anyone involved. I should have told the truth from beginning.

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  1. AmazedConfused

    You sorta answered the question for yourself in your last statement “I should have told the truth from beginning”. Since you feel like you should have told the truth from the beginning then you should chose to tell the truth now. It’s never too late and you’re right it’s not fair to the boyfriend or to the bio father for you to continue to keep this secret. It doesn’t sound like your relationship with your boyfriend is stable anyway so if he breaks up with you over it then that would just be an opportunity for a new and healthier start for yourself and your son.


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