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I wish my husband would die

I hate my husband. He is controlling and emotionally abusive. I’m afraid if i try to leave him he will in the very least vandalize my car and at the worst, hurt me or my kids or family. He will make my life a living hell if I leave. He will do stuff like not pay the mortgage, just to ruin my credit. I am terrified of all the repercussions I will bring onto myself if I try to leave. He is vengeful and vindictive and a pathological liar. I want him to drop dead so I can do the happy dance and live my life without being in fear. I hate that fat pig!

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  1. Murasaki

    I totally feel your post. I hate my husband so much, the English language just fails to offer a sufficient word. I Loathe, abhor, despise…vehemently and unequivocally, I HATE hate HATE this stupid MF’er with a passion that burns like the fires of hades. Daily, I wish an ice storm comes that causes him to wreck head on into a semi or go careening over an overpass or slam into a pylon. He recently had a wreck, but that only totaled MY car, but the doofus was unscathed. He can’t drive worth shit, and I damn sure am not going to prison over his worthless ass, so I am not touching him to cause him harm, so a fatal wreck is my only hope. Or, maybe he will just eat his fat ass into a heart attack. Fat bastard. He’s so ugly to look at too. He has a neck like a pelican, laps at his food with his tongue like a frog and it’s gross to see!! And if you ever watched him eat you’d become anorexic and swear off even the most delicious meal from complete loss of appetite. I swear. He’s also lazy as hell and dumber than a box of rocks. I had to complete most of his college work because he’s STUPID! The intellectual incompetence was the icing on the cake, I can’t bring myself to love a man this simple. It’s over. I’m just staying until I save up enough money to get in the wind. Men act like calling women “cat lady” is an insult. Well, I tell you idiots this: A cat makes a better companion than most of you. In the future, if I need some sex, I will do what I am doing now while married to this limp stick mofo, and that is use a nice sized dildo with a vibe. Men are useless. We can make our own money and do bad by ourselves. A gun and a dog can defend us and our homes. Most of men can’t even f**k correctly to give an orgasm to a woman (mine sure the hell could not with that 3 inch failure he called a penis), but a piece of plastic from China molded from fantasy proportions can get the job done. That should tell you something right there. We don’t need them. We never have. Hormones and biochemical signals are a woman’s demise.

    1. Itsme

      Omg your post had me dying laughing, I know I’m not the only one in a mess of a marriage. When I met my husband he had a couch and an air mattress to his name, first red flag right. He’s bi polar and extremely abusive and controlling. He can’t keep his eyes off other women and acts like I’m wrong for calling him out, will through a tantrum like a two year old. It’s not like I don’t have reason I learned he use to sleep with prostitutes and is a completely disgusting whore. When we get into arguments he follows me around the house grabbing my breast and Vagina and tells me to suck his dick. I hate him so much I just want to stab him in the heart. He talks about my dead mother which he knows was my best friend. He says disgusting sexual things in front of my children. I hate him so much I burn inside. I told him today that I wished he were dead. He got up a left me alone first time in history that had ever happened. I don’t feel sorry for him because hes a monster. People think he’s so nice because he’s a fake. Hes only nice to people not in his family. I have a house and three dogs. I can’t afford to divorce him now, but I need to save up and I will finally be free. The worst part is having to have sex with him he lied and told me he had 8 inched, he’s barley working with 5. He practically raped me , rips my clothes of and pesters me until I give in because I’m so exhausted from fight him off. I hate this man so much.

    2. bewareofjoanie

      Laughing my ass off over here!!!! This is the best comment I have ever read on the subject of men. What a joke. They are useless and you’re so right about the biochemical signals that got us into this mess. I don’t have a gun but I sure as hell would get one if I had any inkling that some mother**** was going to try something. My dog is my best friend. I have women friends who are single so that should tell you something. I am single at heart, and wish I could get away but I will wait for that piece of crap to drop. He’s as fat as the fat bastard from the Austin Powers series and has no intention of losing a pound. What a joke of a person. He smokes weed all night, every night, leaving a trail of ashes and garbage wherever he goes. All he thinks about is food, food, food. His voice is so irritating I have taken to wearing earplugs, seriously. It’s the best thing I’ve done for myself in years.

  2. zamira

    my husband is the worst dog living on this planet, all he wants is a door mat, cooked food washed clothes, but in return no appreciation, i just cant wait to drag him out of my life for good, if i dont have him around, he wont pay, and what he pays is next to nothing, hes just a waste peace of shit, has an attitude of 1940’s. not one thing about him os good to look at, unattractive and ugly dirty peace of shit,,he dosent even know how to use a toilet properly instead he squats on top of it, which i never knew of until recently, im currently 35 weeks pregnant and have a five year old, i do everything on my own, when eather he sleeps his ass of o makes an excuse to leave the house around those times! makes me sick to even think about him, i just dont understand what i saw in him in the first place, and guess what its been ages since wev had proper sex, and even that hes not good at, hes just a little wanker, outside hes got no friends o anyone that likes him cuz hes a big pussy, instead he feels to dominate me, and thinks hes a big man, every day i just hate to see his face, and his big fat nose, my life is a living hell, but av relised when the time is right im gona get rid of him, i was so close to have a affair with his own best friend whos actually so good looking, and fell for him, i just dont know why i held my self and i should got along with it, but the feeling of betrayal i cudent just do it, but that thoughts even changing now, i just cant wait to do things under his big nose out of hateness,just waiting to have the baby now, i wish someone would one day do the honour and beat the living shit out of his boney ass!! hes so controlling and thinks i really want him in his twisted head, where has hes just good for nothing, he runs in and out, leaves then comes back, hes just a full on bitch, i wish i never even met this loser!!
    i just cant wait to move on and meet a real man! than this twat ugly face

  3. Rb

    I hate my husband he is a big fat control freak to. Iv just had a baby who is 6 weeks old and I do everything….. And he thinks he is an amazing dad he’s not in fact he is a fat gross lard ass. Today after spending 6 weeks on the sofa so he can sleep well I have the pleasure of reading on an app what he has written sexually joking with his 22 old work mate talking jokingly being suggestive about getting a bj from someone at work. Now I must say I probably should not have clicked on the app on his pad when I read half the pop up message but I did. I am disappointed at what I read and it was truly disgusting to think he had written it. I got told that it’s guy banter amd I’m taking it to seriously. If the fat oversized pig started to die in front of me I’d gladly stand and watch…..he will never hurt me again and being honest he has killed my love for him and to me from now on he is dead. I just wish that he was not my baby’s as we would just be awesome being just me and her.

  4. Dana

    Men suck. They are oversized toddlers I need a swift kick in the ass. Also, we do need to smack their mothers around and wack their fathers as they raised an incompetent piece of shit who is worthless for humanity

  5. Miss O

    I was feeling so sad and now reading this I laughed and want to vent too. I wish my husband crashes and dies almost every time he leaves the house. I’m much more educated than him but made the mistake of praising him a lot so he would feel important well now he’s a conceited. P.O.S. and really believes he has a brain. I found him his job and wrote everything (cover letter, CV, etc.). At first he worked from home so I would do his job. Thank goodness he found an online program to do his work. He is so dumb and air headed. Now I’m a SAHM with a 2.5 yr old and a 11 month old probably have PPD and not motivated so this wanna be man is taking advantage of my state and is emotionally abusive and hit me with a phone a few weeks ago. He doesn’t know how to use a screw driver, change a vacuum bag or engine oil among hundreds other things and he’s 39! He makes fun of my deceased relatives gets mad when i remind him to take a jacket and tells me I’m weird and not to touch his clothes??!!! We used to have a band as a hobby and I haven’t been able to play well they’re going to have a mini tour but it seems more that my husband is paying to play and I’ve always hated his voice it was what made our band suck. I hope he doesn’t get home tonight and crashes on the freeway so I can be truly liberated.

  6. You talking to me?

    Men are assholes and losers. Not integrity. Just a d*ck that needs to get wet. Human race better without them.

  7. Iwanthimtodie

    Holy f**king shit i love you ladies. I too hate my asshole son of a bitch fat ugly stupid drunk self centered obnoxious rude foul mouth bad attitude having fiance. Im going to marry him since he has a home and i dont make much money. Ihate him. I wish he would drop dead. Thats going to be the happiest day of my life. He screams at me that he is constantly picking up after me. When i asked for specifics he could only think of two. He is retarded!!!!! I never knew any man could be such a complete idiot and such an obnoxious asshole. He calls me fat f**king bitch c*nt dumbass douchebag shut the f**k up. He has an anger problem.

  8. Iwanthimtodie

    He screams and yells at me daily. He loses his temper and flips out 5-10 times a day. He showers one every month so the rare occasion we have sex is me smelling weeks worth of ball and anus sweat that literally collects congeals and condenses into a powerful onion garlic sweat asshole and shit reek that makes me want to puke. The only time he can get it up is when hes blind drunk and he just pound away painfully, dryly humping me. No foreplay kissing touching nothing. He mounts me like a dog with the same amount of passion and intelligence. I wish he would die. I would never hurt him. Its just that i have no money. No home of my own. He is psycho. Flies off the handle and screams t me daily. Hes an absolute piece of shit asshole.

  9. Iwanthimtodie

    The day he dies im going to be sooo happy! He has the worst personality! Rude stupid controlling mean.. God i wish he would drop dead. Im only with him becuz its cheap rent. He charges me rent to live in a house his parents gave him. Bullshit. I hate his stupid ass. When hes gone im going to relish the silence. My happiness can grow. Hes always just beating me down putting me down yelling swearing. Please hurry up and die you hateful son of a bitch! I cant wait. He is such a dick. Please drop dead. I hate you so much. I really hate him. I am a gold digger. I tried to be poor and it sucked. I wish he would die. I hate him. I wont hurt him. Hes old. Its only a matter of time. He will die eventually.

  10. Sheila

    I hate mine too. Went to a lawyer and it would cost me a bundle to get rid of him. I have the better salary and pension, which he would get half of. I am hoping he dies first, but it doesn’t look good since he is just like his bitchy mother, who is 93 and still going strong.

    1. Betina J Dadami

      I can so relate. Mine is in his late 60s not too good… arthritis..pain meds w other health issues.
      I’m the one with work..a pension n retirement. He has lousy SS which only makes the house payment. N 1 bill..
      The summers are rough…
      He has a very negative attitude.
      A real downer.
      I was use to being in my own n having fun..huh he just likes the fukg TV… such a waste…
      I get tired of this crap life…
      I will dance the jig the day he dies…I so hope so in the next 3 yrs…
      Then I can plan better money wise…

      Good luck to all of us
      I too won’t divorce for the same reason

      1. Howdidweallgetintothismess?

        OMG……we are sadly married to the same POS!!! In the same crappy ass situation. Life is living hell on earth. I feel exactly like the other women on here. Desperately wishing this would end for good. I love Google for getting me here!

        1. Catinbag Test

          I understand mine is an idiot lost in himself…his health problems..n now our financial sucks…he managed to get the Ckg below 89 dollars!! WTF. .and acts carefree about it.. Thankfully I get paid tomorrow yet still have to use savings..
          This has got to get better.

      2. Cindy

        I think I’ve found my home with you folks. I have felt so guilty for so long feeling the way I do. I didn’t realize so many others felt this way. I can’t and won’t leave because of money. I am married to a control freak and a selfish and hateful man. All these people in happy marriages I just cannot identify with. It’s sad when a young person loses their spouse, but when you’re older and feel like you’re trapped for life it’s even worse. We’ve been married 35-1/2 years and I’d lose too much if I left. He’s had cancer and cabg, smokes, and has COPD. Looks like nothing is going to kill him. I keep hoping maybe some day I will have control over my own life and be happy. I’d appreciate any feedback anyone has.

        1. ihatetim

          Ok… soo how old is your husband… I am just curious… cuz yeah.. I keep hoping my chainsmoker will kick the bucket. I totally understand not leaving.. but man.. ir your guy has COPD… has had cancer is and still smoking??? then I have no hope on earth.. dam.. so just mention how old he is.. how much he smokes.. and what is cabg? I am just looking at statistics.. that’s all..

          1. Cindy

            My husband is 72. I know it is truly unbelievable that he is still smoking. He had quadruple bypass surgery in September, and was in ICU for four days and then in another room for five days. He smoked just a few cigarettes at first and has cut in half his smoking, but is still smoking at least half a pack per day. How old is your husband?

        2. Betina J Dadami

          I so know how you feel. Mine to has COPD…a huge nogule on his thyroid, Osteoarthritis and possible prostate issues…he goes for a Biopsy in a few days.
          He is so difficult! I believe he has PTSD he is A Nam vet. He SAYS he wants to work….our finances suck! I hate using
          Our savings all the time it seems. The constant bill paying blues.
          Sometimes he acts like he really doesn’t want to do anything. I get so fed up with him..he is completely blind to my unhappiness.
          I so wish I could Divorce but that could mean put myself into another financial jeopardy.
          I keep hoping things will get better yet I don’t know.

          Hope your doing ok..


          1. Ihatetim

            Okay so Betina let us know how the biopsy goes. Our don’t know how these guys can abuse their bodies like they do and still function. I will be thinking of you and hoping your guy gets what he deserves and I sure hope my jackass does too.

          2. Cindy

            Thank you for your reply. I am so sorry you are so unhappy, but sometimes I know exactly how you feel. I have lived this way so long I can’t remember anything different. I know I have many blessings and feel guilty, but I cannot talk to anyone about how I feel. They would think I’m horrible for the things I say. I am so glad I found this website. I hope things get better for you. At least we can come here and talk.

          3. Betina J Dadami

            In reference to Ihatetim
            His biopsy is Thursday. Hope all is ok just the same…
            I believe mine has a form of PTSD. He is a Nam vet.
            He is also I. A lot of pain..on a good note he will be starting a job soon…stocking shelves yet it will be a Hugh help w bills.. I just hope it’s not too much on him..
            Hope for improvement for us ALL
            May you have a wonderful day .

          4. Ihatetim

            Hi Cindy and Betina. I am glad your husband got a job Betina I would bet it is about time for him to work. Cindy my partner is 59 years old and almost 300 pounds but smokes at the very least 4 cigarettes an hour. He works as little as he can and says he constantly wishes he was dead so he can be with his mother. Well I wish he would go be with her too. I hope the cigarettes take him soon, but it doesn’t look like he has any health problems, just depression I guess. I cannot believe yours has lasted that long. Was he a chainsmoker?

  11. Robyn

    I hate my f*+%^ husband too! I just wish he dies asap so I can collect his insurance money! Just can’t wait for this POS to die so I can live happily ever after!

    1. Catinbag Test

      I hear ya sister!! My worthless one doesn’t have insurance money…and a lousy SS ck…that only makes the house payment. Ahh sucks…Ahh one day let’s hope all this will pass.

  12. Becky

    What a comfort to find other people who feel the same. Everyday day I wish that ( I refuse to use the word husband because he is not worthy of that title) dirty rat would die. It’s true hindsight is a bitch because him cheating on me with one of the mum’s at my daughter’s school actually her classmate and this began at my daughter’s birthday party made me truly see him for what he is and always was a BASTARD. I gave up my career, freedom, social life so that p.o.s could pursue his. While I was taking care of the kids and household that mother f**ker treated me like shit beat me down emotionally so much so that I forgot who I was. But I’m woke now bitch. I am working so I can leave his ass, I make him know everyday I wish that today is the day he dies because that would be the best news ever. He has never bothered with the kid’s to the point my little one cries if she has to go out with him. How this pig has treated me over the years should be illegal. I can only hope that one day karma catches up with him and gives him what he truly deserves.

  13. Jesse

    You guys gave me a good laugh. I am a Christian and I try my best not to use profanity. I understand when we are in intense anger it is sometimes hard not to curse. I have done this with my husband. Now I have decided I will not allow his anger and his issues to allow me to affect my relationship with God. How do I affect my relationship with God? It is by using profanity, It Is by insulting him, it is by fighting fire with fire. I decided I will not play this Fight Fire with Fire game with him. It will make me just like him. I do not want to be anything like my husband. He was my only boyfriend. I met him when I was 22 years old I married him when I was 25 years old. I was so naive I never even kissed a man before in my life. I am not unattractive. Not to be cocky or anything like that I am quite attractive. I stayed single and a virgin because of my beliefs. He is the biggest regret of my life period he has brought me the most pain in my life even more painful than the death of my father. It is because I know I will see my father again one day. But with this marriage it just seems so very hopeless. He is extremely controlling he has mental disorder . I know most women feel that their husbands have mental disorders. But mine really does I think. He obviously was the victim of emotional abuse. because he emotionally abused me and still for 10 years almost 10 years. I hate my life with my husband sometimes I feel like I want to die. But I have two children that need me. I don’t want them to be raised by a controlling monster. I don’t know how much more I can take. He twist words he plays psychological games. I’ve learned not to give in to his psychological games.. I definitely have aged. I am man now 35 years old I have not left him for financial reasons. At this point I am not able to work. So I depend on him for money. What a shame what a shame.

  14. Jesse

    If you truly think someone is crazy if someone has a mental disorder then you won’t argue with a crazy person. So I try and remind myself this man is crazy you literally would be arguing with a brick wall. You would be wasting your emotional energy you would be aging yourself in the process. Look at this man as a sick person this helps me not to argue with him. At one point in our marriage in the very beginning nine years ago I was so stupid. I would play his psychological games. For instance when talking he would say don’t use the word I I don’t want to hear this word., then like an idiot I thought if I tried not to use the word I maybe this would help so stupid. When I was pregnant my water broke at around 3 in the morning. I was too nervous to tell my husband that my water broke. So what I did was first I called my doctor and said my water broke should I go to the hospital? I knew I was supposed to go to the hospital but I needed to be able to tell my husband the doctor said I needed to go to the hospital. So I told my husband and the first thing he says is I have to go to work. And he is just sick. Sick sick

  15. Jessi

    I hate this f**king moron so much. I just need to save up to get the f**k out of this f**king ridiculous relationship. Only person I feel pity for is my daughter . She has to see all the daily fights . She Doesn’t deserves this . My husband is a moron , a loser, selfish c*nt. A poor excuse of a man. In nutshell men are either losers , or a snob . In my case it’s both. I think I want to be a lesbian!!!

  16. ihatetim

    wow… i am so glad I found this page… I hate my partner so much.. I never married him thank god…but i did let him move in with me a few years ago.. and I regret it soo much . he is a lazy useless jackass that wont work… all the time we were together he took money from his mom and lied to me that he had money… his plan was to take all her money when she died or die before her so that he would not have to support himself… well she died and and the money was divided between 7 kids, so he did not get a lot… well now he sits on his ass all day chainsmoking and whining and drinking beer… he only works enough to buy himself cigarettes and beer while I work like a dog paying for everything…. I kicked him out for a month and then found out I would have to pay him half my house equity, my work pension and government pension and even spousal support!!! and he is a Red Seal Carpenter!!! I took the idiot back cuz I don’t want to pay him anything,,, he paid for nothing he is just a lazy user…. he even admits he cant support himself…. so I work every day and practice music every night after work at different practice groups so I dont have to see him… I just hate him.. He smokes four cigarettes an hour or two packs a day.. all day long… he is 59 years old and has smoked that much for the last 40 years.. everyday I hope he gets lung cancer or has a stroke…. I just hate him.. and I hate his kid too… she visits a few times a year and I just leave the house a mess when I know she is coming.. I hate the two of them being in my house…both lazy useless liars . I hate him soo much… I hope so bad he dies., the only enjoyment I have is watching him go without cigarettes and beer or not be able to fix his car cause he has no money.. I watch that and I am so happy… lazy jackass

  17. ihatetim

    I wanted to mention when I saw a lawyer when I kicked him out.. .the lawyer said… you are on the hook to pay him out equity.. etc even tho he paid NOTHING.. .but the lawyer said… if he smokes as much as you say he does.. just let nature take its course if you can stand to wait…even my friends say.. he is not worth taking about a loan to give him half of everything,, just let the chainsmoker get what is eventually coming… I just hope it comes soon…

  18. ihatetim

    I also wanted to say.. .I have my own house mortgage.. I had it before I was with him and I do not have his name on it… I have even rewritten the mortgage without his knowledge…. i am not married to him,… but shit… he can still take half the house equity and everything else… god I hope he smokes so much he kills himself with cigarettes.. it is my only way out.

  19. Betina J Dadami

    For Mia..Jess
    I understand what you were saying about earlier times when a woman had to depend on a husband for financial support etc. Nowadays very different of course.
    I am the one with the job. He cannot work n feels sorry for himself. I don’t mind being the bread’s just I only have 1/2 a loaf! It’s hard at times to deal with the finance..n his emotional outburst. Health issues ets. He blames things on the emotional was bad By his Step father!!
    I just get tired of it…I too wish God would grant me the favor!!!

  20. L rose

    I can’t stand my husband. He’s lazy, boring, stupid, ugly and an all round shity person. Come to think of it nobody likes him! I’m not kidding.

  21. Ray Harrison

    My wife told me to go die like Robin Williams. A year later asked me if I ever got so sick of someone that I’d kill them. I said “no”. She said, “I have 5 steak knives in the bedroom closet.”

    I threw away the knives because her friend helped put them there. The evidence it became would reflect on the friend and… we don’t keep sharp knives anymore. My wife said as a youth she wanted to cut her wrists and die.

    In 2016 her father was negligently killed/ murdered by his caregiver who cranked the O2 up on him. Wife was enraged. I was not indifferent to that woman. Police could not act. That woman fled the state with $500k. All of our inheritance.

    My wife may be materialistic. Her anger grew. Our relationship was below average for peace. Shes not a homemaker. She found a way to be my cacaregiver. She does not act like she wants me but makes $3000/mo on me.

    People are not all logical. Its not good to threaten someone but as far as wishing they die- they will find their ending. Its not hard to accept her like this, but difficult because I am disabled. I wish I could leave.. The state is not unaware. And its all really happening still.

    Oh… Well

  22. Regina

    Oh my God! Just finished crying and came across this! I was laughing so hard at some of these posts… Just glad i don’t feel so alone now :-/

  23. ihatetim

    sooooo,, has any of us that posted been forturnate enough to have these idiots die yet? Unfortunately my idiot is still in my life…. coughing and hacking like a typical chainsmoker… but no other blatant health issue yet. I keep praying tho.

  24. Heisevil

    My husband is evil. Verbally and emotionally abuses me everyday in front of my 3 young children. I pray to God above that he drops dead. I cannot live my life with this man. He is cruel, mean, and my kids are learning that this is how you treat your spouse. The day he dies I will cry tears of joy. I hope for a car accident for him every time he leaves. I hate him.

  25. fedthefuckup!

    I just want him gone. He makes life sucks! He is pure evil in my eyes!!! No matter what happens he lacks compassion and love. I don’t even want my our son to love him. That’s how much I loathe this man

  26. Debbie

    I know the things he does make some of my life easier, but most of the time, I just feel disrespected and emotionally fucked. My daughters have no clue as to how much he hates me. So I can’t even get any allies. I would never disparage him as much as he does me.

  27. Keep

    I love all of you. Lol I should have married you guys. My husband is the root cause of my anxiety and depression. I have nightmares and anxiety attacks because I’m scared of him yelling at me and my son which he does.. a lot. He’s a freaking stoner and thinks he knows everything and God is on his side. He says he doesn’t give a *8*8 what anyone thinks and he is always in the right. He screamed at me because I didn’t check all of the pockets in his laundry and his debit card was in his shorts to the point the my son was crying and later my son apologized to me for being in trouble with daddy. He’s a freaking monster and he says that anxiety and depression is a choice yet he wants to be a psychologist but he won’t even fill out a job app by himself. I hate his guts. He will tell make our son cry, yell at me for caring, and then try to touch me in my no no square and say that he thinks everything is good with us

  28. Michelle Baxter

    I feel like I can breathe, like I just had the best glass of red wine ever after reading these posts! My husband is a liar & he gaslights me all the time! He will say something and then tell me he never said it. We will have a conversation & he will then say that the conversation never happened. He can do something right in front of me then say I am crazy that it never happened. I feel like I should constantly record our lives just so I have proof of what’s going on. But he will still double down on his lies. He is filthy, never cleans up after himself! He smokes weed all day & night, leaves ashes on the tables or just on the floor, he throws trash in our kitchen sink! He lies to his family about random off the wall things! He steals stuff from places he works at. He works on restaurant equipment in different restaurants so he has stolen dirty aprons, glasses, flasks, paper towel holders & many other objects that are silly to steal! He was dignosed with bipolar disorder at 16 & refuses meds. Yet he says he never has mood swings that his rage & anger are because of me. I fantasize about him getting in a wreck & dying on impact. No suffering, just death. Even when we are having a “good day” I know that I’d still be so happy if I get a call that he has died! I want him gone becauss of how easily he can lie and believe his own lies. He changes the past in his own head & will not remember reality. This isn’t just lying to protect a secret. This is the type of liar that could kill someone & pass a lie detector! I don’t feel that its good that people like him exist. I’d never do anything to hurt or kill him Eventhough he use to beat me & choke me, he wouldn’t be worth the prison sentence! But I would be ok with losing him permanently. I love all of you ladies & hope we all find a better life! Cheers!

  29. ihatetim

    just wondering… were any of us lucky enough to get rid of these losers?? THe idiot I am with is still coughing, hacking and smoking four cigarettes an hour… is constantly out of work and I am stuck paying for everything and doing everything I can to ignore him… I never thought this idiot would see 60… but he did June 2018… he keeps saying he wishes he was dead (cuz his mommy isn’t here to pay his way).. and deep down I wish he was dead… I just wondered if any of us got lucky and lost these idiots


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