1. Your spouse is no longer in love with you

Some people don’t need to be in love to be able to suck face with another person. They have the ability to separate love and passion. They can get aroused by someone or something else and go home to their spouse to work off their passion. They can kiss their spouse with hunger even while feeling no desire for their spouse specifically. They can make passionate love with their spouse’s body while being disconnected from their spouse in every other meaningful way. You might be able to French kiss someone you don’t love or desire. And that ability might make it easy for you to still French kiss your spouse even though you’re no longer in love with your spouse. But the same is not necessarily true for your spouse. Your spouse might not be the type of person who can separate love and passion. Your spouse might need to feel in love with you and also feel loved by you in order to allow herself/himself to participate in any aspect of love making with you. For some people kissing has no greater meaning than as an act of foreplay. But for other people kissing is intensely intimate. These people don’t use kissing as a way to work up desire. Their desire must first be aroused in order for them to participate in kissing. And since they cannot separate love and passion, if they don’t love a person or don’t feel loved by a person they also cannot welcome that person’s tongue in their mouth or put their tongue into that person’s mouth.

2. Your spouse is not attracted to you

This might seem like a repeat of #1. But in reality you can lose your attraction for your spouse but still love them. People who use kissing as an act of foreplay might not necessarily need to be attracted to a person to be able to French kiss them. It’s possible to have sex with a person to whom you aren’t necessarily attracted. And if kissing is just an act of foreplay to you then you can French kiss the person in the process of having sex with them. It won’t be any big deal to you. But other people require that force of attraction. They can’t tolerate any physical intimacy with someone to whom they feel no attraction. Even if that person is their spouse. Even if they once enjoyed kissing their spouse. If they are no longer attracted to you they can’t keep on being intimate with you. And some cases people find kissing to be even more intimate than sex. So your spouse might still have sex with you yet reject your kisses.

3. Your breath repulses him/her

You might think to yourself, well sometimes his/her breath repulses me too but that doesn’t stop me from kissing him/her. Consider the possibility that bad odors affect you differently from the way bad odors affects your spouse. Everyone has a different tolerance threshold for things that affect their senses. Just because you can still kiss your spouse even when their breath is less than pleasant doesn’t mean they can still kiss you when your breath is less than pleasant. Bad odors can actually trigger physical reactions in people. Some people get headaches. Some people throw up. It has even been suggested that bad odors can make some people pass out. What some can tolerate others cannot. So if your breath is repulsing your spouse and causing him/her not to want to kiss you, you might want to consider doing something about it before it reaches the point where you so completely repulse your spouse that they recoil from you even when there is no bad odor on your breath.

4. Self conscious about own breath

Your spouse might be self conscious about his/her own breath. Some people will still kiss a person with bad breath. And they figure that just because the person’s breath doesn’t matter to them it shouldn’t matter to the person either. After all, if you have bad breath and someone is still willing to kiss you then why should you worry about it? But some people might suggest it’s more a bad reflection on you that you’re willing to kiss someone with bad breath. It makes sense that someone would want to avoid getting close to another person if their breath is off-putting. And if their breath is off-putting and you’re still willing to kiss them, not everyone will see that as proof of how much you love them. Some people will be repulsed by your willingness to kiss them even while they have bad breath.

5. They no longer enjoy your kiss

Your spouse might still love you and even still be attracted to you. But they hate your kiss. Maybe you’ve gotten sloppy. And because of your sloppiness your kiss now has the opposite effect of your intention. Your kiss not only fails to arouse your spouse but it actually turns them off. They dread being subjected to it.

Can you bring French kissing back into your marriage?

There are any number of reasons your spouse might hate French kissing you. These are just 5 possibilities. Some would suggest these 5 are all fixable. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you. You can make your spouse attracted to you again. You can fix your bad breath. Your spouse can fix their bad breath. And you can learn a technique for kissing your spouse that works.