Just because your husband never speaks the words ‘I love you’ doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. The words ‘I love you’ often get thrown around by people who do not in fact love anyone other than themselves. Your husband could tell you he loves you every day while he has one or two other women on the side to whom he also speaks these words every day. He could tell you he loves you every day and yet shock you tomorrow by asking for a divorce on the grounds that he doesn’t love you any more.

His actions matter more than his words

It’s not so much important that your husband is speaking the words ‘I love you’. What is important is that you feel your husband’s love. And you won’t truly feel his love because he says ‘I love you’ to you often. You will feel it because he pours it over you every day in his actions towards you. When a person sees evidence of someone’s love every day, they won’t usually be concerned over not hearing the words ‘I love you’ spoken with regularity.

So pay attention to what your husband is doing. How does he treat you? What is the tone of his voice when he speaks to you generally? What is the expression on his face? How does he interact with you physically outside of the bedroom. Does he embrace you? Does he kiss you? When/if he does embrace and kiss you, does it seem like a warm and loving gesture to you or does it seem routine and obligatory? How does he relate with you from day to day?

Usually when someone is loved they know it. They feel it. They see it. They don’t usually have to be looking around trying to find evidence of it. But sometimes our own inability to love and to accept love blinds us and hardens us to the point where we cannot see or feel the love that is all around us. We might then depend upon spoken words to reassure us of what we cannot see or feel. But words don’t really mean much of anything.