A frustrated young wife wrote in on an answers website complaining that her husband asks her for sex every day. She’s frustrated about being asked for sex every day. Her husband is frustrated about not getting sex every day. He tells her that his married friends get sex every day. She’s worried that she could lose him if she doesn’t give him sex everyday.

Her question generated a few responses. One of the responses was from a man who basically tells her she’d better give her husband what he wants when he wants it because otherwise her husband will cheat on her. And he knows this because that’s what he did himself with his ex-wife. His ex wife would keep making excuses and refusing to have sex with him regularly so he went out and had affairs. According to what he says he did not do the same with his first wife. His first wife apparently insisted on sex every day for 27 years. So he had no reason to step outside of his marriage. He told the woman that she was breaking her wedding vows by not having sex with her husband whenever he asked for it. He said refusing her husband was as much a violation of the marriage vows as cheating would be.

This gentleman was not alone in his opinion. There was another gentleman who referenced the Bible in making his point that a wife is not supposed to ever refuse her husband sex. He accuses women of pulling the old bait and switch. They basically act like wantons before marriage; but once married they try to deny their husband what is his legal right.

To be fair to the men, there were some responses from women who didn’t see anything wrong with a husband asking his wife for sex every day. Most of these women claimed they have sex with their husband’s every day (in some cases every day for 7 years).

This is one of those subjects that can get people roiled up on one side or the other. Many people’s view of marriage is self-serving. What they believe depends on how it benefits them to hold the belief they hold. At the end of the day a marriage is between two individuals. And for that marriage to work the two individuals in the marriage have to be willing to meet each other halfway. And usually when two people care about each other they will work together to find mutually agreeable solutions to their problems. They won’t each try to have things entirely their way without regard to the other person’s comfort. So you won’t usually have a husband demanding sex every day knowing his wife is not able to meet these demands. And you won’t have a wife who is completely unwilling to be reasonable in terms of how frequently she indulges her husband’s desires. In healthy relationships couples are able to compromise effectively so that each individual’s needs are met without anyone having to be made unhappy in the process.