I give my husband oral sex all the time. I never really like to do it but he loves it so I do it. And I watch videos and practice on toys to learn how to do it good bc I want it to be really good for him. He gets it like 5 times a week. And I don’t complain how I don’t like doing it. And I never refuse him. But he won’t return the favor. He says he doesn’t like to eat p**sy. It doesn’t seem fair to me bc I don’t really like to s*ck d*ck but I do it for him. So why is it okay for him to refuse to eat me out?

I feel really cheated. I can’t get to orgasm just from regular sex. And even if I could my husband is kinda weird. He prefers to get s*cked off mostly. So we don’t really have actual sex a whole lot. Maybe just once a week. So I’m just mostly not getting anything out of this except a lot of frustration. But that doesn’t seem to matter all that much to him. No matter what I say, he plain refuses to go down on me. He says women can’t ever be truly clean down there because of how we’re made. And he doesn’t want to get vaginal fluids in his mouth.

But I’m always clean. I practice good hygiene. And I’ve had past boyfriends that loved to eat me out. This is really upsetting. I don’t think its right. I loved my husband enough to get past my hangups about oral sex. He’s okay with coming in my mouth. I didn’t want him doing that but he said it was perfectly natural and something a woman would do for the man she loves. But he won’t even consider trying to get past his hang-ups for me. He refuses to see that it’s the same thing as if I would refuse him. This is ruining my marriage. Any suggestions how to fix from anybody out there that had this problem?