How to handle your bitch wife
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How to handle your bitch wife

Anonymous says: Too bad you can’t bitch slap her. And I mean hit her so hard that you permanently stun the bitch out of her. That would be all it would take to fix your problem. Either she would leave you, thereby freeing you from having to put up with any more of her bitching; or she’d learn to keep her mouth shut lest you smack the living crap out of her and leave her with a busted face.

Anonymous isn’t serious of course. He’s just fed up and frustrated and speaking in the throes of his anger.

You can’t bitch slap your wife.

Well, technically you can; but it would constitute domestic battery or some form of a domestic crime. You could go to jail. So it’s probably in your best interest not to listen to anonymous. Although anonymous is probably right that if you hit your wife as hard as he/she suggests, it probably would indeed fix your problem. Your wife would either leave you or she would come to fear you enough to change her ways in order to avoid being hit by you again. But again, hitting your wife is not okay. It’s also not okay for her to hit you. Domestic violence needs to be eradicated from society. It does not need to be encouraged.

So if you can’t “bitch slap” your “bitch wife”, what can you do to get her to stop “bitching”?


Ignore her…

Ignoring someone who is insisting on being heard can be difficult. But it is arguably the most effective strategy for quieting a ranting person. That is, if your sole objective is to get them to leave you alone. If you don’t care why your wife is upset and you just plain don’t want to have to sit there listening to her, completely ignore her. Act like you don’t see her. Act like you can’t hear her. As long as she’s not the type who will react to being ignored by becoming physically violent, your demonstrated lack of care and concern over her “issues” will soon enough get her to tuck her tail between her legs and walk away. If you don’t engage her then she has no audience. Some people might go on ranting for a bit, getting louder and more volatile the harder you try to ignore them. If you don’t have the inner fortitude to wait for the strategy to work, get up and walk out at the point where it becomes too much.

Your wife will be flabbergasted to see that you’re getting up and walking out while she’s in the middle of “talking” to you. She will be upset. She will feel hurt. She will become more angry than she was to begin with. She will resent you and store the resentment away for another opportunity to “bitch”; but you will have spared yourself this session of bitching. And that was sole objective. So mission accomplished.


Yell and scream back at her…

Few women can handle having a man yell and scream at them. The advantage you have over your wife is that you will always be able to better her best when it comes to the volume to which you can raise your voice. This assumes a typical scenario of your wife having a feminine voice and you having a male voice.

Your male voice can be an effective weapon in dealing with a bitch wife.

Women will go as far as they dare; but how far they dare go is determined by you. They push your buttons, and based on how you react, they learn what they can and cannot get away with.

If you yell and scream back at your wife when she comes yelling and screaming at you, she will learn that yelling and screaming at you is not a viable way to get herself heard. She will learn that the only result from yelling and screaming at you is that she will be yelled and screamed at in return. No woman wants to get yelled and screamed at by her husband. So in fear of that you can be sure your wife will not come yelling and screaming at you when she’s upset about something.


Confuse her…

Do something bizarre to throw your bitch wife off guard in the middle of her bitching. Start crying for example. Or start talking loudly to an imaginary friend sitting next to you. Or start laughing raucously. Or start singing. Get up and start dancing. You get the gist…


Try patiently to calm her…

If you’re among the few men who can maintain his calm and composure while being yelled and screamed at by a woman, this is probably the most ideal approach to handling the situation when your wife is upset and expressing her feelings in a less than calm manner.

Stay calm. Listen to her. Show interest in what she’s saying. Show care and concern for how she’s feeling. Do not show agitation. Do not ask her why she’s bitching. Even if you believe she’s being irrational and making a big deal about nothing, do not deride her with statements to the effect. She is upset and your goal is to calm her down, to help her regain her composure so that you can both work together to calmly resolve whatever issues are at hand.

Respond to her at appropriate times. Respond calmly. Do not take anything she is saying personally.  Even if she says things that are clearly personal, avoid the temptation to counter-attack. You can discuss your points more effectively later when you are both calm and able to sit down and discuss the situation without anger and without noise.

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