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Mother In Law saw me nude

About 2 years ago I spent about a week at my mother in laws house to do repairs and some general yard clean up. The first day i arrived early before she went to work. I told her what I was going to do and that all the work was going to take a week or so.

That evening when i finished for the day I stripped and put my work clothes and undies in the washer and went to the bathroom to wash up. I left the door open to the bathroom. She came home and was standing at the bath room entrance. She saw me nude from the side.

I turned to give her a full frontal view. I was erect ad she looked down at it and smiled. Then asked
for me to show her what i did. We walked around all the while I was nude.

This happened every day. On Saturday I arrived early and my MIL said she get my work clothes from the laundry. I stripped completely naked. When she returned she smiled again and asked if I like some breakfast. I remained nude while we had breakfast.

At the end of the day I stripped nude put my dirty clothes in the washer. She asked how everything went? I told her great but that I had some chaffing in my crotch. She looked at it then got some aloe with vitamin E and proceeded to rub it on me. She moved my penis so she could put it on.

Since then have been nude in front of her many times.

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  1. D Bacon

    After a week in the hospital I came home feeling quite week so in the morning my wife helped me shower. My mother in law was visiting and came into the bathroom to help. I was embarrassed about my mother in law seeing me naked but my wife seeming totally unconcerned and thanked her for her help. My mother in law didn’t seem to be concerned about seeing me naked either. My wife returned to work and my mother in law stayed for a week to help me recover. Each morning she help me shower and undress. By the end of the week I was totally comfortable with her seeing me naked when she helped me shower


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