Should I take him back?
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Should I take him back?

My husband left me for another woman a year and a half ago. She recently broke up with him and he wants us to get back together. I have moved on with my life but I really don’t like the whole dating scene and wouldn’t mind having a steady man in my life. I already know my husband. I still find him attractive and I think it will be good for our son to have his dad back living at home.

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Whether or not to get back together with an estranged spouse is not a decision to be taken lightly. Especially when you have already moved on, going back to a once failed relationship is usually not the wisest choice. But you know your relationship with your husband. You know if there is something there that would make going back a smart choice.

From what it sounds, if your husband’s girlfriend hadn’t broken up with him he would still be with her. And you are just weighing having a steady man in your life against being alone and having to continue playing the dating game. If these things are true, these are not good reasons for you to get back together.

As for your son, will it really be good for him to have his dad back living at home? After all, what’s going to stop your husband from leaving you again when someone else comes along? And how will it be a good thing for your son to have to deal with his dad leaving again? Your son needs a stable environment in which to grow up.

You might want to allow enough time for your husband to be on his own. Time will make it very clear to you whether or not he really wants to get back together with you. What will be the situation 6 months to a year from now? Will you and he be closer to putting your family back together or will he have met someone else and be happily involved in a new relationship? By all means agree to consider getting back together if you believe that will be in your best interest and your son’s best interest. Let your husband know you’re willing but you need time to be sure it’s the right choice.

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