I am living with a professional serial complainer
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I am living with a professional serial complainer

OK – where do I start – Just imagine living my daily life. My wifes moans and complains just about everything in her life. She reckons she has the worst life in the world and tells me and the kids every single day. She is overweight, but refuses to eat healthy food or take up exercise, she constantly comparing our life with what other have got. We have a new Audi, a smart sports boat and a beautiful $1.5m dollar home (freehold), we have two beautiful kids, we have extended family that love us, we are are relatively health and free from ill health. We both have our own businesses although we are struggling financially.

My wife swears at me and the children, she constantly complains about how boring and pathetiuc her life is but seems less than interested in making any positive changes. After 30 years of knowing her and being married 20 It has gotten to the point where I dread going home every day.

I feel so sorry for the kids as they cop just as much as me. All I ever wanted was a happy and loving wife to enjoy life together and I so badly wanted to bring my kids up in a solid family environment. My wife appears to be trying to do everything possible to screw it up. She hates herself, she hates her business, she hates me and blames me for everything and doesnt EVER stop complaining about absolutely everything which I might add is all my fault.

I have got to the point finally where I am not prepared to take any more shit. She either goes and gets help (which she has tried before and it hasnt worked) or I am prepared to make the ultimate decision and put my kids through s split – maybe she is suffering from depression I just dont know All I nknow is that she makes my and my kids life an 100% misery

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