Liana Barrientos – My 10 husbands
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Liana Barrientos – My 10 husbands

It’s old news now I guess. But I was just reading a story about a New York woman named Liana Barrientos who is in a little bit of hot water for allegedly committing fraud by claiming on a 2010 marriage license application that she had never been married when in fact she had been married 9 times before. But that’s not the crazy part of the story. It’s not just that Ms. Barrientos had been married 9 times and claimed on her application that she had never been married. She was apparently still married to at least 4 of her current husbands at the time of filing for her 10th marriage license. And she had at some point in time been married to at least 8 of her husbands at the same time.

Liana Barrientos’ first 9 marriages reportedly took place between 1999 and 2002, with some said to have taken place within days of each other. Presumably the “serial” bride took a break after her 9th marriage in August 2002. But in February of 2010 she obtained yet another marriage license to marry her 10th husband. And according to some reports, in July of 2013 she announced an engagement via her Facebook page, suggesting she might have been planning on acquiring an 11th husband.

What was Liana Barrientos thinking?

It’s unclear exactly what her motivation was for getting married to so many different men. The published reports hint at something to do with immigration. Some are speculating in comments posted in response to articles written on the topic, that Ms. Barrientos might have been selling a service to men in need of an American citizen wife who could file for them to obtain their greencard. But it might even be more serious that that.

The Bronx District Attorney’s Office is quoted in published reports as saying that seven of Ms Barrientos’ husbands are from “‘red-flagged’ countries, which include Egypt, Turkey, Georgia, Pakistan and Mali”.

And ABC News reports that former FBI agent Manny Gomez told them that “the case is serious”. They quote Gomez as saying:

“This is a huge breach in security. Potentially, somebody in al Qaeda can come in, marry this [woman] and be in this country legally.”

Whatever the reason for Ms. Barrientos’ choice to illegally wed multiple men while already married, she is now facing felony fraud charges.

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