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The Michael Aaby method of handling a fight with your wife

Good morning all you happily married ladies and gentlemen out there in world. I hope your day has gotten off to a wonderful start and you did not have a fight with your wife or husband. It’s nice and bright and sunny in my neck of the woods. I won’t tell you how I started my day as it would not be appropriate. But suffice to say my husband did not have a reason to drive his SUV through our garage wall into our family room and out the back of the house through glass sliding doors. Then again, he doesn’t have an SUV and we don’t have a garage or a family room or a back yard that we can access via glass sliding doors. So he couldn’t have anyway, even if we’d fought.

So I was browsing through the news headlines to see what is going on with my fellow married couples around the world. And one of the stories I came across was about a husband who drove his SUV through his house because he was upset with his wife.

The report was published by the Grand Forks Herald (A North Dakota publication). It is about an incident that occurred in Cottage Grove Minnesota on Wednesday. Seems a 38 year old gentleman by the name of Michael Aaby got mad at his wife over something or the other. You know how it is with us married folks. Most of the time we’re mad at each other over incredibly stupid things. Whatever the reason Michael Aaby was upset with his wife, he chose to express his upset feelings by busting through the garage wall in his SUV at two o’clock in the morning. He drove the car through the family room and back outside through some glass doors. Once back outside, he returned the car to the garage and fled the premises. Police found him hiding underneath another vehicle somewhere in the vicinity. (this is all according the Grand Forks Herald report found here)

You probably shouldn’t try the Michael Aaby method of handling a fight with your wife

Having a fight with your wife or husband can leave you feeling a kind of rage that is unlike your ordinary feeling of anger. You just want to do some really seriously ugly things. The clawing growling beastly animal in you comes out like it never does in dealing with any of your other relationships. I’ve witnessed and experienced the madness. It can be pretty ugly.

Marital rage is a different kind of rage. It bores deep into the gut. And it can lead to some really violent choices; but no matter what your spouse may have done, driving a car through your home to demonstrate the depth of your disgust with them probably won’t feel satisfying after you’ve done it. While you’re doing it maybe you’ll feel that dark thrill of vengeance bubbling in your blood. But afterwards, when you’re dealing with the legal and financial consequences, you might not feel like it was worth all the drama.

Folks, if you’re going to stay married to each other, do better. If you’re not going to do better, don’t stay married to each other. Everyone deserves peace in their life. Nothing and no one should ever be allowed to drive you to such a point of madness.


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