• Happy Anniversary to all you couples who got married on this day May 3rd how ever many years ago. For those of you who have a wedding anniversary party planned, hope you have a wonderful time!
  • Congratulations to all of you lovebirds who are tying the knot today and will start celebrating a May 3rd  wedding anniversary as of next year
  • If today is your anniversary and you were going to just let the day pass as if it’s no big deal, maybe you should reconsider. Do you really have nothing to celebrate? It’s short notice so maybe you can’t throw a wedding anniversary party, but you can acknowledge your anniversary in other ways.

Life presents a handful of opportunities to celebrate yourself and the people in your life. There’s Thanksgiving and Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day and Easter. There’s the 4th of July and other such government holidays. There are all the birthdays. And if you’re married there’s your anniversary.

But your marriage sucks so why would you want to celebrate it with a wedding anniversary party?

I know all too well what it’s like to feel like your marriage is nothing you want to celebrate. Your anniversary comes and you don’t even notice because your marriage has been so uninspiring and lacking in fulfillment for so many years. When your anniversary comes around it just serves to remind you of the biggest mistake you ever made in your life.

But sometimes what a couple needs more than anything is a reminder of what they once had. And your anniversary is the perfect opportunity to remind yourself and your spouse (and everyone else) that you got married for a reason. There was a time when you thought the world of each other. There was a time when you were happy enough together that you thought you wanted to be with each other for the rest of your lives. So you took steps to make that happen. You got married.

Life happens. But the things that happen in life don’t have to completely destroy your relationship.

Think of your anniversary as a renewal. It’s an opportunity to put the past year’s “stuff” behind you and give your marriage a chance for another cycle.

You don’t have to throw a wedding anniversary party every year; but maybe every few years, send out some invitations to close friends and family and make a big deal about your anniversary. Don’t wait until your children decide to throw you a 50th wedding anniversary party. It takes a long time to get to your 50th wedding anniversary. And even then, no one might throw you a party. And why should it be left to other people to acknowledge the date of your wedding with a celebratory party? You can, and you should, do that yourself.

Planning your wedding anniversary party

Who to invite?

Invite close friends and family who won’t be mocking you behind your back for throwing a party to celebrate your less than perfect marriage.

Where to have the party?

Where to have the party will depend on the size of the party planned. For a small intimate gathering of friends and family, celebrate at home. If your home is big enough to accommodate more than a small intimate group then it’s the most ideal place for your party. But if you’re going to have more people than you can comfortably accommodate in your home you might need to consider renting out a suitably sized hall for your party. In such a case you’ll probably only want to throw a wedding anniversary party to celebrate milestones like making it to 10 years, 20 years, 30 years etc.

What to serve?

What to serve will come down to a number of different factors including the size of the party planned. Are you going to have an elaborate wedding reception type affair or just a little get-together? An elaborate affair could call for catering whereas a get-together could just require pizzas and/or other finger foods.


Music will be a big part of your party, not just for entertaining your guests, but for helping with the purpose of reminding you and your spouse of what made you decide to get married in the first place. Aside from planning fun music for your guests so they will be assured of having a good time, you’ll want to have a selection of songs that will trigger those romantic memories you and your spouse have suppressed. Be strategic in playing these songs. You don’t want to bombard your spouse with memories. It could result in a negative reaction rather than the desired rejuvenation of romantic feeling.

Don’t expect your wedding anniversary party to fix whatever is broken in your marriage

You’re not celebrating your anniversary with a party because you think doing so will fix whatever is broken in your marriage. The idea is to remind yourself and remind your spouse that you have something that’s worth fighting to hold on to.

The reality of the matter is that life’s routines get the better of our best intentions. Things might go wonderfully for a few days (maybe even a few weeks). But we’re eventually going to fall back to our usual patterns of behavior. The idea is to make use of all the opportunities you get to step back and take stock and remember what truly matters. And your anniversary is the best opportunity of all. It’s the one day of the year that you can completely justify making time for each other (and your relationship with each other) a priority over everything else.