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Dearborn Michigan husband kills wife commits suicide

Talking is the easiest thing in the world to do. It’s easy to say that people should get divorced and move on with their lives if their marriages aren’t working. When you consider the number of tragedies that take place every day with husbands killing wives and wives killing husband, plus all the other crazy things that are happening in marriages all over the world, you have to stop and think. Maybe you can’t fix all marriage problems with the same pill.

According to various published reports, a Dearborn Michigan man (identified by the website as Ali Saad) shot and killed his wife Heba Saad ( on Sunday. The couple were estranged. The wife had arrived at the home to drop off the children. The husband, who had been out mowing the lawn at the time of the wife’s arrival, reportedly got into the passenger side of the wife’s vehicle. At that point there was an argument, the nature of which is unknown. During the argument the husband shot the wife then turned the gun on himself.

Husband wife murder suicides appear to be pretty common. From the outside looking in it all seems tragically unnecessary. Why kill someone over a broken marriage? But enough marriages end in this type of tragedy to suggest that maybe something needs to be done to help people cope with all that comes with marriage, including divorce, long before they begin to experience the kind of marital problems that lead to this type of tragedy.

We’re encouraged to have such unrealistic expectations of marriage. And we’re encouraged in our refusal to let go and move on. Regardless what was going on–even if the murder suicide happened not because Ali Saad couldn’t let go and move on but for some other reason, the only problem in life that cannot be solved is death. Of course Ali Saad has no problems now. And Heba Saad has no problems now. But they did leave behind children who henceforth and forevermore shall have the insolvable problem of parents they cannot bring back from the dead.



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