Robert and Michelle King: teamwork in marriage
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Robert and Michelle King: teamwork in marriage

  • Real life husband and wife Robert and Michelle King are the creators and executive producers of The Good Wife
  • Robert and Michelle King are examples of the power of teamwork in marriage
  • Supporting each other and working together can help you achieve greater success not just in marriage but in life

What is the importance of teamwork in marriage?

Ever wish you and your spouse could be more of a team? I know I have. From the start of our marriage I had ideas for my husband and I to start one business or another together. I always felt that we could achieve great success by combining our individual strengths. But from the start of our marriage it became very clear to me that my husband was not team focused when it came to marriage. He was all about himself. He did not see things in terms of “us”. He saw things in terms of “me” and “you”, “mine” and “yours”. And what he wanted for himself clashed with what I wanted for “us”. Unfortunately I couldn’t convince him to prioritize what was in “our” best interest.

Teamwork in marriage can be the difference between success and failure not just within the context of your marriage but in your and your spouse’s lives in general

I was reading an article about the creators and executive producers of the CBS show The Good Wife. They are a husband and wife team – Robert and Michelle King. The article got me wondering what might have happened had my husband chosen to work with me to start a business back when we first got married. We might have been able to make a success of whatever business we would have started. We might be financially secure now. We might have a house.

Reading about Robert and Michelle King and the success they have achieved together as a husband and wife team makes me feel a bit regretful that my husband was (is) such a “me myself and I” type of person. I believe that if a husband and wife work together (this doesn’t even have to be literally), they give their marriage much better odds than if one or the other (or both of them) is all about “my life”, “my needs”, “what’s good for me”. When you’re focused on “our lives”, “our needs”, “what’s good for us”, you eliminate a lot of the problems that come between husbands and wives.

Your marriage is a chance and an opportunity to build something. Work together and you might build something big, like Robert and Michelle King. Work against each other and all you do is destroy the seed from which everything grows.

Do not underestimate the power of teamwork in marriage…

Image credit: Robert King and Michelle King at 2015 PaleyFest” by iDominick – Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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