Can’t stop fantasizing about your hot sister-in-law? Maybe you can try this guy’s tactic and see if it works for you.

Plan a family beach trip and get drunk and hope it somehow ends up with you accidentally making passionate love with your hot sister-in-law.

Some guy claims on yahoo answers that he accidentally slept with his wife’s sister during a family trip to the beach. The sister was of course younger than his wife and hotter than his wife. Aren’t they always? He claims he got drunk one night and somehow “accidentally” did the deed with his wife’s sis.
We took a family trip to the beach and I got drunk one night and accidentally slept with my wife’s younger, hotter sister. I feel like part of this is my wife’s fault becase I didn’t really want to have her family at the beach house and none of this woud have happened if she had listened.   Now the sister has been flirting with me and I’m afraid I might do her again.   The sex is great but I feel like ths might be wrong on some level so I’m thinking about avoiding the sister fr awhile. But am I just delaying the inevitable?
First of all, what does he mean by accidentally? Presumably he means his judgment was so impaired on account of alcohol that he made a choice he might not have made had he not been drunk. So he doesn’t really mean to say the act was accidental. Because accidental implies the act occurred without him being fully aware:
  • that he was having sex
  • that the person with whom he was having sex was his young hot sister in law
Obviously he was already hoping or even planning for something to happen. Why else would he have made a pretense of not wanting the hot sister-in-law to be invited to the beach house? He knew (and maybe the sister-in-law did also?) that he going to make a move. And he knew how he was going to justify his actions to himself. He was going to drink and exaggerate the extent of his drunkenness, claim he was so inebriated he had no idea what he was doing. And blame the wife for putting him in such a situation by inviting her sister along even though he had told her not to. Poor guy now has a problem on his hand with his hot sister-in-law flirting with him trying to get him back in bed with her Wouldn’t you like to be in his predicament of having to debate whether he should avoid his sister-in-law for a while or just do away with the song and dance and get back to rolling in the hay with her? After all, if it’s inevitable that he’ll end up back in bed with her, why put on a show of pretending to have enough integrity to try to avoid the inevitable?

Lusting after your hot sister-in-law?

Enjoy your fantasies. There’s nothing wrong with having them. If it doesn’t bother your wife, flirt with your sister-in-law to your heart’s content. In some cases you might even be lucky to have a wife who’s okay with you getting it on with her sister. But if your wife won’t be okay with the idea of you flirting with her sister or having sex with her sister, weigh the pros and cons of pursuing the fulfillment of your desires.

Fantasies are more often than not better than the reality turns out to be.