Affair with hot mother-in-law and wife okay with it
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Affair with hot mother-in-law and wife okay with it

Just read an interesting Q&A article about a husband having an affair with his hot mother-in-law and wife being okay with it.

A woman wrote in to a columnist to ask if it was normal that she didn’t get angry or jealous after finding out that her husband was having an affair with her mother. Beyond not being angry or jealous, the woman was happy for her mother and her husband that they were happy in their affair.

It seems as if there are more than a few men who fantasize about having an affair with their hot mother-in-law

No doubt these men would love to have a wife who would be cool with it if her mother and her husband got together. It’s hard to criticize someone who is able to avoid the so-called normal human reaction to being cheated on. The temptation is to try to analyze this woman and try to figure out what could be wrong with her for being happy for her mother and husband that they are happy in their affair. Is she in denial? Does she have some sort of mental problem? But maybe this woman’s reaction is what’s normal.

Some people become so enraged when they’re cheated on that they commit homicide. Some commit homicide and then commit suicide. Some become not enraged but hopelessly devastated and distraught. And they commit suicide. They do this over being cheated on by someone they sometimes haven’t even known for five years.

The fact is, we all have a choice in how we react to infidelity. Most of us react according to the relationships text book; and for that reason our reaction is considered normal.  To react with a casual shrug and an “well if you’re both happy then I’m happy for you” — that isn’t considered a normal reaction. And some people would sooner believe that the attitude was a defense mechanism or something of the kind.

But in a reality focused world where people kept things real and everybody understood that they didn’t own anybody else, this might be the usual reaction. In fact there probably would be no such thing as cheating. And the woman’s husband would not have had to confess about his affair with her mother. A mother-in-law would no more be off limits to her daughter’s husband than some random woman on the street. But this is not a reality focused world.

This is a world in which acting on your fantasies about your hot mother-in-law will sooner get you served with divorce papers than get you a smile and a nod of approval upon confessing to your wife that you’re doing her mother.



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