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Indiana’s Glenn Ballor and Brianna Ballor join husband wife murder suicide list

  • Police say Glenn Ballor, 38, shot his wife Brianna, 31, with a shotgun, then turned the gun on himself
  • Brianna Ballor’s mother received a phone call from Briana who said “mom” then started screaming. Then phone went dead…
  • Glenn Ballor and Brianna Ballor were in the middle of a divorce but still both living in their Morgan Township home
  • The couple had been married 3 years
  • Police say shots were fired at point blank range – Glenn Ballor shot and killed his wife Brianna then shot and killed himself

Glenn Ballor and Brianna Ballor die in act of murder suicide

An Indiana couple was found dead in the bedroom of their home on Saturday night. 38-year old Glenn Ballor and his 31-year old wife Brianna Ballor were found lying in a pool of blood, both dead from gunshot wounds.

According to published reports, Brianna Ballor’s mother, Beth Hefner, received a phone call from her daughter late Saturday night. Her daughter called to her saying “mom”. Then the phone went dead. It is unclear if that was the phone call that prompted Beth Hefner to go next door to her daughter’s home. Some reports claim that following the phone call from her daughter, she received another phone call, this time from her son-in-law, Glenn Ballor. If this phone call did occur, there has been no information published as to the nature of the call and the dialogue exchanged.

Whether as a result of the phone call from her daughter, or a second phone call from her son-in-law, Beth Hefner went to the home of her daughter and her son-in-law. On arrival she found her granddaughter on the couch. And according to the Chicago Tribune, she also heard a gunshot.

Chicago Tribune – Hefner went next door to her daughter’s house about 11:50 p.m. and heard a single gunshot. She called police, who found Brianna and Glenn Ballor lying in a pool of blood and dead of gunshot wounds on the floor in their bedroom.


Police say Glenn Ballor, 38, shot his wife Brianna, 31, with a shotgun, then turned the gun on himself. Porter County Coroner Chuck Harris said both died of gunshots fired at point-blank range. Their 2-year-old daughter, Brynn, was unharmed. (source link)

Glenn Ballor and Brianna Ballor had been married three years but were going through a divorce.

There has been no information published as to what might have lead to Glenn Ballor killing his wife then killing himself. The Chicago Tribune report cites police as saying they had never been called to the home in connection with any domestic incidents. They say that Glenn Ballor did have a criminal history, but nothing related to domestic violence.

Comment: It is often suggested, even on this website, that people should simply just get divorced if their marriages aren’t working. The discussion comes up in cases where marriages end in tragedies such as homicide and murder suicide. We ask what seems to be the obvious question: why didn’t they just get divorced? But it happens often enough that marriages end tragically even when steps were being taken to end the marriage with divorce. In many cases, it’s the threat of divorce that drives the one who commits the act to kill their spouse and then take their own life. Sometimes even after the divorce has happened people lose their lives at the hands of their ex-spouse. So divorce clearly does not solve every couple’s marital problems. In some cases trying to divorce your spouse can cost you your life.

Know who you’re marrying

For those of us who are already married this bit of advice is irrelevant. The usefulness of it is as valuable information to pass on to the people we love. Never become so blinded by love that you doom yourself by marrying your future killer. There are usually enough signs that someone isn’t the type of person you would want to marry. The problem is, people are getting so deeply involved so soon that they’re not allowing themselves the time they need to really know the person with whom they’ve become involved. And they’re getting married just for the sake of getting married. So none of the things they should be thinking about and asking themselves get thought about or asked. And then next thing you know they’re in so deep there is no way out. Either they play the game their spouse demands in the hope of buying themselves a chance at staying alive. Or they take the risk of trying to get out knowing it could mean losing their life.

Three years is such a little amount of time to have known someone for them to take your life away from you.

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