I hate my husband
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I hate my husband

After 15 years of trying to make an asshole happy, I realize that I don’t care anymore. I don’t want to make him miserable or even raise my voice. I just want to be able to breathe without a negative comment. I have read so many things on here & I realize, I have been trying to make someone happy, that doesn’t know how to be happy and the harder I tried, the worse his attitude got. I am tired so tired of the way he changes the truth so he is justified when he cheats. I wish he would meet someone who will put up with him, but nobody else is as stupid as I have been. He spends money on himself & whoever he is trying to impress, when bills are overdue, it’s my fault. ( I’m stupid and can’t budget) can’t budget what isn’t there because he spent it. He is the biggest liar I’ve had the misfortune of meeting. Selfish, rude, arrogant, and a bully. I believed there had to be a good man in there, but once again, I was WRONG. He never considers that I might get tired of him and leave. Now he will find out that I can and am leaving, and nothing he says or does can prevent that. I don’t even care if I leave with nothing, no price is too high if I don’t have to look at him or hear his mouth. He really thinks that he punishes me by withdrawing affection, well it doesn’t anymore. I crave it, get mad and slam out. I do not care, and I can breathe again. I don’t wish him any bad thoughts, I don’t care enough to waste my energy.

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