Cameron Brown – Killing daughter to avoid child support payments
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Cameron Brown – Killing daughter to avoid child support payments

  • Los Angeles father, Cameron Brown, stood accused and was convicted Wednesday of hurling his 4-year-old daughter (Lauren Sarene Key) off a 120-foot cliff in November 2000
  • He maintained that his daughter’s death was an accident caused when she fell and tripped while running towards the edge of the cliff at Inspiration Point in Rancho Palos Verdes, California
  • A witness for the prosecution testified that Cameron Brown once commented that it would be nice to get rid of his daughter in order to avoid having to make child support payments.
  • Upon his conviction, when asked about his sentencing date, Cameron Brown continued to maintain his innocence.

Los Angeles father Cameron Brown convicted Wednesday of first degree murder in November 2000 death of his 4 year old daugther Lauren

On Wednesday, May 13 2015, Cameron Brown, 53, was convicted of first-degree murder for tossing his 4-year-old daughter off a sea cliff in November 2000. The prosecution maintains that Brown killed his daughter because he did not want to pay child support payments.

This was Brown’s third trial in connection with his daughter’s death. Two previous trials ended with the jury deadlocked over whether 4-year old Lauren had been intentionally thrown off the cliff or whether she had accidentally fallen to her death. Brown has maintained that the death was an accident.

At the end of the day, the only person who knows for an absolute fact if 4-year old Lauren Sarene Key was hurled off a cliff to her death by her father or died as a result of a tragic accident, is her father.

We want to believe that no one could kill a 4 year old child and keep maintaining their innocence after 15 years. We want to believe that any parent who would murder their child would be so greatly haunted by their guilt, that by the time 15 years had passed since they committed the crime, they would be reconciled with the rightness of idea that they should spend the rest of their life serving punishment for the crime. We want to believe they would be so tortured by the memory of the horrible thing they had done, they would crave and beg for death for the sake of escaping their mental torment.

But according to published reports Cameron Brown has shown no evidence of being haunted by a murderer’s guilt. He is sticking to his story that Lauren accidentally fell off the cliff. And who but he really knows what happened at Inspiration Point in Rancho Palos Verdes, California the day his daughter fell to her death off a cliff? We shudder to imagine a man can toss a 4 year old child off a cliff because he:

  • Never wanted the child in the first place
  • Hated the mother and wanted to spite her
  • Didn’t want to pay child support

It would be better for the world if Cameron Brown is telling the truth about his innocence. The idea of a father killing his daughter to avoid child support payments is too shocking to believe. That takes an amount of evil that is surely impossible to hide for the 38 years Cameron Brown had lived by the year 2000. Can the idea of having to support your own child possibly be so enraging as to drive a parent to kill the child in order to get rid of the financial obligation to help take care of the child? Cameron Brown had been a father for 4 years. How much can he have hated the existence of his daughter throughout that time to have been able to take her and toss her off a 120 foot cliff?

We’re not saying he did or did not do it. We’re just saying we can’t believe there could be such people in the world who could toss a child off a cliff and go 15 years with the memory and feel no guilt for the horrific crime they committed against their own child, or sorrow for the lifetime of suffering they have caused so many people.

Image credit: Al Seib/AP – Cameron Brown seen in court Wednesday was found guilty of murdering his daughter 15 years ago – Image via NY Daily News

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