Patricia Katchur Christopher Katchur – wife killed her husband
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Patricia Katchur Christopher Katchur – wife killed her husband

  • A Pennsylvania wife killed her husband Wednesday just hours after he had successfully obtained a restraining order against her
  • Christopher Katchur from McKeesport Pennsylvania was fatally shot by his estranged wife Patricia Katchur with a .38-caliber revolver
  • Christopher Katchur shot dead by Patricia Katchur despite taking steps to safeguard his life by seeking, and being granted, a 24-hour order of protection.

Pennsylvania wife killed her husband by shooting him with gun he had hoped to get judge to take away from her…

55-year old Patricia Katchur of McKeesport Pennsylvania was arrested Wednesday in connection with her 52-year old husband Christopher Katchur’s death. According to published reports, Patricia Katchur admitted to police that she shot her husband and that the shooting was not an accident.

Christopher Katchur had sought and obtained an order of protection from abuse only hours before he was killed by the very person from who he had sought to be protected. He arrived home from obtaining the order to find his wife present in their home. She had moved out of the home some days or weeks earlier following a domestic dispute for which police had been called. Mr. Katchur had not been expecting to find her in the home as he had locked her out. But she had reportedly entered through a window after pulling an air conditioning unit out. An argument erupted and in the midst of the argument Patricia Katchur shot Christopher Katchur with a .38-caliber revolver.

The gun was one of two which Christopher Katchur had hoped to get the judge to order his wife to relinquish as part of the protection order he’d obtained the day of his death. But the judge had not been able to include an order for Mrs. Katchur’s weapons to be relinquished because that was not in his power to do.

From the Pittsburg Post Gazette – Judge Hanley could not take Mrs. Katchur’s guns away. Despite what he called a “red flag” that she had firearms, his hands were tied; under state law that power rests only with Common Pleas Court judges, who can order weapons relinquished as part of granting a temporary restraining order.


“There’s still a lot that can be tightened up in this [PFA] law to make it more protective. Obviously being able to get the weapons at that level would have been helpful. But weapons are complicated, and the Legislature has left that to the Common Pleas judges,” said Lorraine Bittner, legal director for the Women’s Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh. (source link)

The nature of the problems that existed between Christopher Katchur and Patricia Katchur are not known. But in the order of protection Christopher Katchur described how Patricia Katchur had thrashed their home and burned their marriage license in the kitchen sink just days before she shot and killed him. It was the previous incident that lead to him seeking the order of protection.

From – He wrote that on May 9, “I came home from errands and my wife started one of her many arguments. I refused to argue with her, so she only got more enraged and began tearing up our home. She took our marriage license and burned it in the kitchen sink, made some calls, took her stuff, and left.”


Katchur wrote that on May 13 (the day he was later killed), “She came to the door heavily sedated with her sister and dog, but I refused to let her in. She called police. I informed police she had weapons (2 guns) permitted to carry and the police informed me to file PFA!” (source link)

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