On giving a plagiarized eulogy at your wife’s funeral
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On giving a plagiarized eulogy at your wife’s funeral

There’s a man in South Africa who is being accused of delivering a eulogy at his wife’s funeral that some other man had written for his wife. He apparently found it on the Internet, printed it out and read it at his wife’s funeral.

At the end of the day, there is such a thing as a eulogy writing service. People pay professionals to write eulogies on their behalf. So if it’s true that this man took a tribute he found on the Internet and read it at his wife’s funeral, it’s not necessarily such a horrible thing. It could just be the case that he read it and found it beautiful and wanted to read it at his wife’s funeral for that reason.

But here’s the twist. It turns out the man is a suspect in his wife’s death. His wife was kidnapped and murdered back in April and he has been arrested under suspicion of having orchestrated the whole thing.

The man’s name is Christopher Panayiotou. His wife was Jayde Panayiotou. She was kidnapped on April 21, 2015 and found shot dead on April 22, 2015.

These are just allegations against her husband of course. Christopher Panayiotou may well be found innocent of any involvement in his wife’s murder. But can you imagine someone hiring killers to kidnap and murder their spouse, then adding insult to injury by giving a eulogy at the funeral that they copied from a website?

More on the Panayiotou story – A South African man has been charged with his wife’s murder days after it was reported that the touching eulogy he delivered at her funeral was plagiarized.


Christopher Panayiotou, 28, was charged in the death of Jayde Panayiotou, an elementary school teacher, who was abducted near her Port Elizabeth home as she waited for a ride to work on the morning of April 21.


Money was withdrawn from her bank account and the next day, her body was spotted by a police helicopter in a field. The 28-year-old had been shot to death.


After the discovery, a bouncer who worked at a club owned by Christopher Panayiotou was arrested for the murder and claimed that he had carried out the killing after his boss paid him, Times Live reported. (source link to full article)

Image of Christopher and Jayde Panayiotou via Facebook via Daily Mail

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