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Pete Gonzales and Whitney Gonzales of Chickasha Oklahoma

Update: The original published copy of this post mistakenly referred to Whitney Gonzales as Wendy Gonzales. We apologize for the error.

Disagreements will happen between you and your spouse. Some will be minor. Some could potentially be major. Whether a minor or major disagreement, you and your spouse can overcome any disagreement with both your lives in tact.

Pete Gonzales and Whitney Gonzales of Chickasha Oklahoma apparently had a disagreement on Sunday. Pete Gonzales is now dead. He was only 24. Whitney Gonzales, 23, stands accused of running him over with her vehicle. It’s not clear if she ran him over on purpose or if it was an accident. The published report hints she might have been intoxicated.

It hardly matters either way. These two young people’s lives have been forever changed. The husband is dead and the wife is responsible his death. Depending on the charges that will be filed against her and the outcome of her trial if it gets to that, she could be spending a few years of her life in jail. (Update: it appears there have been no charges filed against Whitney Gonzales yet. It is unclear if there will be any charges filed.)

Learn how to control your rage..

I remember when I was in my twenties. Fights with my husband used to get pretty volatile. Just about anything could have happened because I would become very violent when angry. And I think had my husband not walked out in the middle of our more epic disagreements (and stayed out for weeks), I might never have been forced to learn to control my rage. And I very easily could have done something regrettable.

It takes two people to have an argument. But arguments that become volatile and that end in tragedy are usually taken to that extreme by just one of the two.

Are you the loose cannon in your marriage?

The marriage of Pete Gonzales and Whitney Gonzales of Chickasha Oklahoma has ended. Many of us have at one point or another wished for our marriage to end. And some of us have allowed ourselves to wish death on our spouse. Some of us have even fantasized about being the one to terminate our spouse’s life.

But Whitney Gonzales is probably right now wishing she could have handled things a lot differently. Especially if the death of Pete Gonzales was an accident, now that she’s over whatever might have been the cause of their disagreement, and her alleged intoxication, you can be sure that she’s not happy right now that her marriage ended in the manner in which it has ended.

We can say now that this will never be us. We will never accidentally (or intentionally) kill our spouse. But if you are the loose cannon in your marriage, don’t shrug away the thought that you could one day take your anger one step too far.

Learn how to handle disagreements calmly and civilly and with the goal of growing in your understanding of each other.

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