Some men don’t mind that their wife doesn’t work. Some of them prefer it. They believe that the benefit to the family is greater when the mom is always available to take care of the children and keep the house in order. But there are other men who complain that their wife stays home and does nothing. They are upset, not necessarily because their wife does not work, but because she stays home and watches television all day or talks on the phone all day, or otherwise just lazes around the place

Sometimes the accusation by husbands that their wife stays home and does nothing is unjustified. But sometimes it’s pretty accurate.

Stay at home moms are one thing. But what if a couple have no children and the wife does not work? If the husband has no problem with the situation then it’s nobody’s business. But what if, in a scenario where the couple have no children, the husband does have a problem with the fact that his wife does not work. What if, in this scenario, not only does the wife refuse to work, she also stays home and does nothing except watches television according to the husband? He has to come home from work and do dishes. She’ll only do the dishes after 2 and 3 days if she notices that he hasn’t done them. He does his own laundry. His wife’s laundry piles up for months before she gets around to washing it. Their home doesn’t get cleaned unless he somehow manages to find time to clean it. She hardly ever cooks. He does most of the cooking. And on top of that she gives him sex maybe twice per month.

Should the woman in this scenario be able to get away with staying home and doing nothing?

Do some women have this idea in their head that their husband is obligated to provide for them no matter what? Do they think it is their right to choose to sit at home and paint their nails while watching soap operas and talk shows? Be clear that this has nothing to do with women who actually do things while at home. This is not about debating whether or not women should get to stay home. Regardless if they have young children at home or not, if a woman wants to stay home and her husband is okay with it, there’s nothing to debate. That’s something for every couple to decide for themselves. And there are no right choices or wrong choices. If one spouse works while the other stays home that’s perfectly fine. If both spouses work that’s perfectly fine too.

But if one spouse is out working and the other is at home doing nothing you have a little bit of a problem. Because the stay at home spouse who leaves all the housework for the working spouse to come home and do is pretty much living like a leech or a parasite.

If your wife stays home and does nothing you have every reason and right to have a problem with it

The only people that you are legally obligated to provide for are your children. Your wife is a grown woman. It’s reasonable for you to expect that in exchange for you going out to work and making the money to pay the bills and buy the food and otherwise provide her with financial security, she will at least take some responsibility for some aspect of the partnership you forged when you got married. If she prefers not to work that’s fine. But if she’s going to stay home she should look after the household matters. It’s only fair. Even if looking after the household matters simply means making sure the maid is doing her job, she can’t be leaving dishes in the sink for 2 and 3 days, not cleaning the house, and not doing the laundry unless she she can show that she shouldn’t have to by virtue of contributing equally to the marriage and household in some other way.

Some women think their contribution is the fact that they allow access to their body. That’s what gives them the right to stay home and do nothing. Because the price you pay going out to work then coming home and doing all the housework covers the charge for the sexual favors granted.