What do you do when you work 50 hours a week when your disabled and not s to be working and your lazy wife don’t work don’t do any house work at all and does nothing but insult and argue with you all the time

Editor's Response

It’s impossible to give any advice not knowing anything about the story of your marriage and your relationship with your wife. Some people will read your complaint and say “get a divorce”. It’s easy to say get a divorce when someone makes a complaint that seems outrageous to us. But no one ever really needs to tell someone when it’s time for them to get divorced. They know. So usually, when they’re still in the marriage and complaining about one thing or another, each complaint should be addressed individually. It should not be assumed that what is being complained about represents the complete state of the marriage.

You refer to your wife in the title as a fat lazy useless bitch. Is this the way that you feel about her all day every day? If this is your general feeling towards your wife, and on top of you being of the opinion that she’s a fat lazy useless bitch, you also deplore the situation you’re in whereby you’re having to work to take care of her while she does nothing but insult you and argue with you, then you need to ask yourself some hard questions.

If you have nothing but ugly feelings towards your wife and you’re getting nothing out of the marriage but stress and insults, why remain married? This is not suggesting you should get a divorce. But maybe try to assess your situation to determine just how bad it really is. And then determine what is in your best interest. And then do what is in your best interest.

All too often we think our only two choices are to stay and suffer in an ugly marriage or to get a divorce. There is another option. Fix your relationship with your wife. If this cannot be done, the only healthy option is divorce.