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Little boy

I just want a real man a grown up man who will take care of his family and tart them with respect. Instead I’m with this lacking insecure child who only thinks if himself. I went to school I have a masters degree. He never worked my whole pregnancy I supported the two of us. All the while he played, bought corvettes, toys, all while I payed the bills. Working until I finally had complications with my pregnancy. I was very I’ll and got MRSA during my eighth month at physical therapy which I had to go to with a ruptured disk, 8 months pregnant working 16 hour days to support his ass! So when I got sick he went sailing. Left me alone in such a state my mom had to travel 2500 miles to take care if me while he was absent. He left me at the hospital for days while I was reoccurring from the baby and I both in sever infection and her in intensive care with the infection she acquired from me. He finally decided to work since I still wasn’t medically cleared. Every month he would give me $26.00 that’s for gas, food and formula. I couldn’t return and I was punished for being a mom at home even though medically unable to. I tried to breast feed but after 6 weeks couldn’t produce milk after multiple cases of fungal mastitis caused by all of the meds to finally rid the MRSA . One year later I was cleared for work. My parents supported out child while he bought thousands of dollars of toys for himself. Several dirt bikes, four wheelers, Four by fours, cars… All while I had no money to take our daughter to her check ups. Thank god my parents helped me! Then I finally returned to work. I made 83,000 salary. I was successful and he hated it. He made or impossible for me to get to work. He wouldn’t help with the baby and wouldn’t return until after midnight. If the baby was asleep he woke her up. So then I was up to all hours of the morning with her yet I had to leave for work at 5am. After a few months I was falling asleep driving. My mother was exhausted from watching our child because she had to stay longer hours just so I could sleep a few hours. All while he played with friends every night after work. Finally I gave up on my career and quit. Now I have no money again. He won’t pay for groceries. He won’t spend time with his child. He ek to wash his laundry. He won’t help out around the house. He just continues to play with his financial power once more over me. I hate him with every part of my being. He is a terrible father. A terrible mate and I can’t wait until the day that he is forever out of my life.

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  1. Marie

    Girlfriend all you talk about is what he does to you. How bad he treats you. He doesnt take responsibility for himself or his child. You my friend are an enabler and then you complain like your a victim of all he does to you. You have chosen this guy , you have supported this guy, you had sex with this guy, you had a child with this guy. You give him money, You did this to yourself after you didnt set boundaries the first time he leeched off you. Men are not toys to own. Get into counseling fast and take a good hard look at how and why you chose this life for yourself and ignored all the red flags. You my dear did this to yourself. My husband works long hours, pays the bills, I stayed home with our boys by choice and worked part time, we own a home, we spend weekends together as a family and with family, we go to church twice a month, we pray together. Our marriage is not perfect, after 20 years we had our struggles but I knew he was the one for me when he respected my saying NO to sex untill I knew we were getting married. We dated 9 months and when he proposed we started our sex life together. I felt safe and respected and boy was he happy LOL. If you dont expect a guy to be a man at the beginning he is not going to be one at the end. You gave yourself away with no expectations for him to meet or stand up for. Im sorry but you got what you asked for…Nothing.Counseling will help you get some self respect. Please do that for yourself and your child and stop playing victim in the mess you created. Take responsibility for your poor choices so you can learn from them. God Bless you sweety. Sorry so blunt. I want to help you not feel sorry for you.


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