My twin sister called my recently to tell me that my husband has been flirting with her. She said there have been two incidents. I have been ill for the last four months and she said she waited to tell me when I was feeling better. She said the first time was a year ago and that he had made a suggestive comment to her in my kitchen when I was out on the patio with family members. She said she decided it was not a big deal and was just overlooking it. She didnt tell her husband either. Since that time we have all been together on many occassions for dinner, movies and parties. I became ill in May and have had many test and surgery. I am not completely well but I am so much better than I was. My sister took me to some of my appointments and was stopping by to see me often, we only live 5 minutes away from each other. She suddendly stopped visiting and would only call or text briefly. She finally called me to tell me that at one of my tests that she and my husband went to with me that will i was in the procedure he again was flirtng with her. Brushing her hair and asking how she was doing. She said later that day while I was sleeping that he patted her on her rear. She says that she told her husband about the incidents and that he wanted to talk to my husband but did not. I confronted my husband about all of the incidents and he says he does not recall anything last summer in the kitchen. He says he did sit by her at the hospital and was talking to her because she had been having marital problems and he was just showing concern. He said he did brush her hair back over her shoulder but not in seductivve way. He also says that he bumped her with his hand when he was passing by her but that it was an accident. He says she stopped and was turning to talk to him and he turned quickly and just barely bumped her. He also says that she stopped by once a few monthes ago before I got home and hugged him when she came in and then she rushed over and hugged him again and left. Im in the middle of it all, i insisted that my husband appologize and he did. He tried calling and she nor her husband would answer. He sent a very sincere text sppology but could get no response. I believe some of what each of them is telling but not all of it. Ive been praying and trying to be patient hoping that will open up. I have a gnawing feeling that there may be more that needs to come out. For now I feel betrayed by both of them. Any thoughts would be welcome.