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Left my abusive husband for a caring man who turns out to be married

My ex husband and I were married for 6 years. The last 3 yrs were the worst of my life. I was a young, in love and was totally kidding my ass kicked by this angry drunkard. Thank God that part of my life is over and I realize that was not love that was me hoping for the man I fell in love with, my first love to return. Anyway during that last year I found the courage to leave because of a very close (now close) and supportive friend of mine. He even prevented my ex husband from fighting me in the streets. One night after a I finally kicked John out (ex husband) I called Herald 2am in the morning to come over because I was just crying hysterically. He actually came. I was glad. But come on if would you assume that someone who can wake up out of their bed at 2am in the morning was married!!? I wouldn’t . anyway Herald came over and looked me in the face, I had a swollen lip and I’m sure I looked like a blow fish. I told him don’t look at me because I’m ugly right now. He said “you’re beautiful”. He put me to bed and went home about 30 minutes later. I was grateful for this friend.
Fast forward years later. I fell deeply in love with herald. I divorced John and I found out this entire time Herald was a married man. I did not know because he was ALWAYS their for me when I needed him. He even slept over regularly. How in the world would I have known. I found out when I actually asked him if he has ever been married and he said yes he is married now. I cried. I didn’t want to be the reason anyone’s marriage is failing. I already felt that personally.
You can’t help who you love sometimes but the sad thing is I know the wife. Not personally but we exchanged words before and I don’t feel guilty I just feel helpless and stupid now. I’ve invested 6 additional years of my life with someone’s man. Wtf. Now what do I do. ? I can’t possible leave him. I love him.

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