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Dear husband thank you for all the love you give…

Everybody shows love in different ways. Your way is NOT to be there to hold me when I’m feeling sad. Your way is NOT to hold my hand and be there with/for me when I’m feeling scared. Your way is NOT to speak in a loving tone of voice to assure me that all will be well when I’m worried about something, like say, the possibility that I might have a serious illness that will shorten my life. You cannot show your love in those ways. But that doesn’t mean you don’t love me. Just because you find it irritating and annoying when I talk about how worried and scared I am doesn’t mean you don’t love me. All that is, is just you trying to help me not be scared and worried. After all, if you don’t indulge me by listening to me then I don’t talk about what’s going on. And if I don’t talk about what’s going on then it goes away that much sooner. So you’re really only showing your love when you ignore me.

And when you start feeling me up and trying to initiate sex activity while I’m lying next to you in my quiet hell of mental torture, worried I might have cancer, that’s just you trying to show your love. When you press your hardness against me just at the moment when, alone in my quiet anguish, I’m wondering where I can turn for moral support (since I clearly cannot turn to the man lying next to me in bed), that’s you being so connected to me that you hear my silent cry for help. And you answer with the unmistakable message that you’re there to f*ck my troubles away. That’s how you show your love.

You’re not into all that other stuff. Talking, listening, holding me for purposes other than to try to get sex, that’s just not your thing. Unless of course what you’re talking about is wanting to f*ck me. And what you’re listening to is me saying ‘Yes, please I want you to f*ck me. Do me now.’ In that case you’re happy to talk to me and listen to me talk and hold me. As long as the conversation is strictly about us f*cking and as long your hands can grab t*ts and ass and your fingers can probe p*ssy. That is how you show your love. And by that measure, you sure f*cking love me a whole f*cking lot.

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  1. marie 2

    Wow…you really dont get it. Sex IS a way for couples to relieve stress and get out of your head and stop dwelling on your fears and worries. Marital sex is GOD given to help us. When a woman has sex and orgasms the amygdala part of the brain shuts down. That amygdala is the source of anxiety,worry and fears. Shut that part of your brain down enough and you will feel soooo much better. Thank GOD that even in the middle of all your health problems and anxieties that a man would actually still be attracted to you and want to give you this pleasure and relief from your concerns. Yet you want to drown him in your worries instead. Yes…talk about all your issues but do it AFTER sex instead of besides haveing sex. You will both feel tons better and your man will be more emotionally capable of tenderness. You forget that men have testosterone which intercepts their emotional availability. Its how they are wired. After beautiful passionate lovemaking they are flooded with oxytocin, and more able to connect emotionally. Stop trying to make your husband be like a woman. Hes not gonna cry with you. He wants to help you feel better and emotionally connect with you and this is how it goes. Please please stop fighting it and give yourself to his passion for you so you can begin to experience pleasure and endorphins and if he comes inside of you you will get some of his testosterone which will relax you and make you emotionally stronger. His desire for you is a beautiful Godly expression of love. Your tits and pussy give him the erection he needs to please you. For Gods sake ladies, eagerly recieve this gift of love and watch how emotionally available your husband begins to become with you. He needs you to get in touch with his deepest self. Stop abandoning him.

  2. guest

    marie 2 if it’s all the same to you I’ll trust my own judgement and knowledge of the man I’ve been married to for most of my adult life over your thoughtful feedback and insight into our situation made after reading such an in-depth and thorough report on the long and eventful history of our marriage and relationship. By the way, your agenda (and your real gender) is pretty obvious. LOL, what a load…

  3. marie 2

    Im a very happily married woman, your post sounds like an immature child who wants a mommy not a husband and has no clue about the gift of sex in marriage. I feel sorry for your husband. You refer to your body parts as tits and pussy. You have a very negative view of your body and sex. My husband calls my vagina his flower and he offers to pollinate me. He calls my breats his pillows. He desires my body and I enjoy it. We spend hours cuddling and holding and caressing eachother and talking after sex. He is very relaxed after, his worries are cleared away,he feels more vunerable after sex and its beautiful for us both. I have no agenda except to wake you up before you die a miserable,whiny,lonely bitter unnatractive hag. Good luck to ya.


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