When it comes down to it
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When it comes down to it

just a recollection of the trauma and abuse.

The first 2 years we were married you didn’t even touch me. Not a hug, nothing. That was the first insanity I went through. Then over 9years you kept us in poverty by refusing to even consider a job that had potential, growth and would add stability to your sons life and mine. Then the Flat out neglect of my son for 7 years. Then your refusal to get another job that wouldn’t literally kill you. And it did kill you. Cardiac Arrest BUT I was there to save you. When you got out of the hospital you dove into attacking me verbally over and over I cried begging you to help me. And now 5 months later you get drunk and verbally attack me for over 4hours until I try to strangle you. Now I have no choice but to leave for fear I might do something that will end my life in jail and my son without a mother. After last night I felt you deserved to be attacked BUT I DON’T DESERVE TRYING TO JUST SIMPLY SURVIVE YOU

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