My husband told me he got another woman pregnant and the child is supposedly be 6 yrs and may have another 3 yrs old now and turns right around 4 months later and says he lied about everything to get out in the streets and I love my husband but I don’t know what to believe now can someone please help me that’s been in this similar situation please thanks in advance

Editor's Response

It’s hard to imagine a man is going to lie to his wife about getting another woman pregnant. The lie would usually be that he didn’t father a child some woman comes accusing him of fathering. Who knows what could be behind your husband’s story? Maybe he found out after telling you about these children that he wasn’t the father after all and he decided, for whatever reason, that it would be better to just say he lied about the whole thing?

It doesn’t sound like a typical story by any stretch, but who knows? Maybe there are other people who have had something similar happen to them. Hopefully someone who has dealt with a similar situation will come across this and shed some light on it.

Obviously one of your husband’s stories is the truth and the other is a lie. Which is the lie? That is the question. Would a man make up a story about having a 6 year old and a 3 year old child with another woman? Anything is possible, but it doesn’t seem very likely. If he’s willing to make up a story like that then it would seem like he wouldn’t be the type to need a story in order to walk out and take to the streets.

So either he’s into making up wild stories for the wicked fun of telling crazy lies, or he does in fact have (or suspects that he has) children with another woman. Or maybe it’s indeed the case that he thought he was the father of these children; but he has since come to find out that he’s not. As to why he wouldn’t just tell you that it turned out he wasn’t the father after all, who knows what would be behind that?

All anyone can do here is speculate without having any real information to go on. Only your husband can make sense of this for you. Only he knows which story is the truth and which one is the lie.