Husband is a Fraud
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Husband is a Fraud

Met husband in mid 20’s and he was exciting at the time. Married him in late 20’s. Even before we married he was running off with another woman…but I married him anyways. He said he had a problem with alcohol and that he was dealing with it and he would never hurt me like that again… I married him. DUMB. He has cheated on me multiple times over our 21 year marriage. He has been in 17 or more detoxes and rehabs for various addictions over the years….booze, crack, heroin, gambling….etc. You name it– he has the addiction- porno, shopping, spending, video games, nicotine gum…there is no end to his loser addictions that he can never seem to maturely deal with. I understand addiction and the medical nature….i am saying that he never deals with the issues responsibly. He is disgusting…farts and burps all the time. Farts at me. Talks down to me and verbally, psychologically and physically abuses. We have two teenage sons and it makes me sick to think they are watching this pud and thinking that is what a man and a father and husband is like. Horrible role model. He got himself fired three years ago from a good job. He did it intentionally because he is insane and his ego is so sick. He was talking trash about the people who were running the company with the power and fighting with them and just generally making it impossible for them to keep him. He went around telling people he was ‘retiring’ outside of his work– but everyone knew the truth. Sat on his ass and delved deeper into drugs after getting axed. He then charged a very expensive rehab to our credit card even though we have insurance through my job and all he had to do was call them and get approval to go to rehab. 40K charged for something that was a covered service! He just makes me sick. He spends hundreds a week on buying gem and potions and swords and other garbage in online video games and charges it all to our credit card. He spends 65 plus a week on nicorette gum. He chews it around the clock. He does very little that I can think of valuable for our family. He spends more than we make by many times over each week. Has been saying for over two years now that he will go back to a real job, but it is all just a lie. He is a phony and a fake. He can’t even leave the state without acting nuts because he can’t be away from his mommy. Has a whacked out enmeshed relationship with his mother. He has never been a real man. I have never had a real husband and partner and my sons have never had a real father. Just thinking of him makes me ashamed to have been married to such a jack-ass ever– and yet here I still am.

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