Hooked up with mother in law
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Hooked up with mother in law

I’ve lusted over my MIL for past 15 years, it was bad, masturbated to her pics, thought about her during sex ect. Yet the taboo behind it always reminded me that it was simply a sick fantasy and I always hope to get over it. She’s about 51 now, age has taken a toll on her last 10 years but still looks amazing , pretty face, sex appeal and petite AWSOME body. Last 6 months we have grown extremely close. About 4 months ago I cracked her back and her mine. It was late everyone asleep and she would always stay up with me and spill guts to me. She has really felt comfty with me last couple years to another level. I’m the only one who looks out for her when we’re visiting and takes her with us everywhere. Well last couple months I actually picked up a wired vive when her hello kiss on the cheek was a little longer than usual. What do I do? The same gave her a hard long tight kiss on the cheek, better believe she caught the message.about 3 weeks ago we visited them (they’re 3 hours away) and while everyone was joking she made a joke about me and as a “just kidding gesture” she give me a peck on the neck. Instinctively I knew at this point she felt the same as taboo crazy as it sounded. I googled and ask around for advise on her neck kiss. Most believe it did have a meaning no doubt. So I manufactured a plan. She has a bad arm so I told her ( anticipating ) that when she visits us I will massage her arm. Left it at that. Later that week I called her a told her I would massage her arm when all her daughters ( my wife included) went clubbing at night since it didn’t look right. My father in never comes because he works weekends. I’ll make a even longer story shorter. They came , we all took shots , all girls were gone and I balls up and grabbed her and took her to the extra room to massage her arm, I was so alcohol induced aggressive what I though was gonna be the tough part was easy. I keep trying to come up with plan to get her shirt off without ackwardness. Well she was on same page shirt came off instantly no objection. Baby oil all on back and arms I took off her sweat pants and again no objection. She was wearing a thong . It was surreal , weird, unreal, dream come true. My hands got deeper and deeper eventually turning her on her sides, hitting the crotch and grabbing tits. We kissed (pecks only) and my sis in law baby cried, ruined the moment. Yet I resisted my self, had a massive hard on and could have f**ked her. No doubt in my mind. As the moment was over and baby kept crying I told her I didn’t regret it, I’m sorry that I drank too much and went to far. Asked her to stay hush. She never objected and just asked me if my marriage was okay. Told her it is but far from perfect like any other marriage . She just told me to take care of my family. Took it so well and I think she’s prob a little weirded out but game for more. We acted like nothing next day she was all smiles hanging out with my wife. The vive was like nothing happened. That was this past weekend. Can’t stop thinking about and I do feel guilty but subconsciously I want more. I bet she does too. Before this I had told her I would stay with them during my off days when the wife left for a couple weeks a month from now. I might back out. Brain says stay away dick screams go for it as well as heart. My infatuations is at a max level for her even after finally touching the body I lusted for past 15 years. Don’t reply negative comments , if u think I’m crazy and wrong which I am, why are u even in this thread?? Go elsewhere and continue your gutless life like the average person. U only live once please people give advise without judgement. What’s done is done

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  1. Mistake?

    Resist the temptation no matter how badly you want her. F**king your MIL is wrong. Not a good idea mate.

  2. Dollbaby

    Think about the problems you will csuse the ENTIRE family when it comes out. It will come out. What will family gatherings look like? How will this damage your kids? Think about the long term consequences. Your wife will be devastated beyond belief. You will lose her trust. She will lose her mom. Sex isn’t taboo. Its the damage caused by lying and the betrayal that makes this kind of thing wrong. Especially with someone so close. The damage to yiur wife will not be about sex but about trust and her self esteem wll be shattered. You will have a difficult if not impossible time repairing this. If you love your wife and want to have a happy life with her, dont dedtroy her. Think of your promise to love and cherish her. People dont understand how one selfish act can change their livew forever. I beg you. If you truly love your wife, dont damage her. Seek counseling if you must and put distance between you and your MIL.

  3. OHenry

    On the other hand, you may not get caught. My mother in law and I have been fooling around for three years and when we became determined to stop taking unnecessary chances, it became a very “safe” affair. No one ever questions you when you are spending time alone with your mother in law. She finds her husband physically repulsive, mostly because of his own lack of self discipline, and my wife does not value a healthy sex life. We fulfill each others physical needs and remain committed to the overall health of our family at the same time.


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