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Guest wrote: I hate my husband so very much just want to close my eyes and when I open my eyes I want him dead……God plz take me out of this mess. Plz god just kill husband plz I beg u dear god…

Editor’s comment: Dear Guest, do you know that it’s not necessary for God to kill your husband for you to get out of the mess that you’re in? Do you honestly believe that the death of your husband would be a better means of escape from your marriage than a divorce? If this is the case can you please help those of us who have difficulty understanding it come to better understand why you would rather God kill your husband than for you to just leave him and file for divorce?

This is by no means a judgement of you. None of us know what your life is like because we’re not living your life. We don’t know anything about your circumstances. Maybe there are complications that remove divorce from your list of escape options; but it seems to me that if things are so bad that you’re pleading with God to kill your husband, then things must certainly be bad enough to warrant leaving your husband and filing for divorce. So if it isn’t the case that divorce is not an option for one reason or another, why stay around and hope for his death? Doesn’t that just keep you in your mess all that much longer? It isn’t as if you’re likely to have your prayers answered.

If you feel trapped and don’t have the means to support yourself, focus your energy on trying to change that so that you can get to a point where you are able to extricate yourself from this situation that you hate. That is more practical a solution than spending your emotional energy harboring such dark thoughts and feelings.

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