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Wife is a dreamkiller

I make 2/3 of the money and I’m currently working on a side business that will eventually not just replace but eclipse what I make in my current job and require less than half the hours and be mobile to work from anywhere there’s a wifi connection.

The wife is constantly making demeaning and condescending comments while claiming to be the supportive wife. When I try to work on my business after work she often complains about not seeing me enough and wants me to sit on the couch with her and watch tv. Needless to say, watching tv is NOT how you build a business. This is my future, this isn’t a fad, it’s something I’m trained in and will succeed if I can put the time in but I feel she is passively working against me all the time, all under the cover of love.

I’ve also noticed she does the same thing when it comes to the gym and working out.

I’ve sat with an attorney and we’ve discussed what the tipping point would be from a legal point of view. I’m ok now but once my business starts throwing off cash I’ll have to make a decision and as of now she’ll be getting the boot.

Anyone else experienced this?

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  1. marie2

    Well. you sound like a jerk, but I know your probably not, your just extremely clueless. Your wife MISSES you!!!! She wants intimacy…NEEDS intimacy…and all your about is building a business. Dont get your ego so caught up in building your business that you completely disregard your marriage and your wifes emotional intimacy needs.Your her husband and your the only husband she has. Your neglect of the relational apspect of your marriage is emotiuonally abusive to her. Shes a woman not a man, she has emotional needs from her husband that you are neglecting,rejecting and degradeing her for haveing them. You look at her as baggage thats holding you back. Instead of a woman who has just lost her husbands time devotion and attention. She must be utterly heartbroken depressed and miserable. No wonder shes so negative, shes in pain. Wake up dude

  2. Roland

    I realize providing for our families and the gutsy and industrious moves you are making professionally give us as mean a significant deep sense of accomplishment and in a good way pride.
    My wife needs more than a sense of safety, a roof over her head, and all the additional trapping our success can provide. Don’t get me wrong my wife could outspend any money I would bring in, yet this would not fulfill her inner needs and perhaps unsearched trued heart’s desires.
    I am trying more intentionally to find out what my wife’s true love languages (of the vein of 5 love languages book) are and put into practice those things which would make her feel more loved. I realize I still need to respect myself and my true needs (not wants always) yet I can and will make an effort for my wife to love my wife she is wired to feel loved. even if that means sitting down on the couch for an hour when I have a crap load of work to do to watch some tv show I have no remote interest in to make her feel more loved.
    I am more of a night owl and my wife an early riser. yet I will go lay next to her in bed and talk with her, stroke her hair and forehead for a few minutes telling her I love her. then get up and work for a couple more hours.
    I have started praying for my wife almost daily that God would give her what she needs because I cannot give her all she needs and that I would not be a hindrance to her finding those true inner things she needs to feel good about herself.
    At the end of the day I cannot make my wife do anything I want her to do or do that she knows she should do, heck I can sometimes barely do those same things for myself. I allow my wife the dignity to act the way she does yet not to the point where I continually allow myself to be degraded or put down. I have limits also.
    I hope this helps.


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