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we used to…

We used to go for walks holding hands, we used to laugh, talk, share jokes, go dancing, have fun…now we fight, argue, have no communication except to argue, text instead of taking, make accusations, and yet you still want to put yourself inside of me. I don’t get it. Your mother’s opinion and advice is more important than mine, you bring up shit from the past when we argue, you tell me that if I don’t like it to leave…Why? How did this happen? You only touch me for a dip in my pussy pool how can you expect me to want you when we argue 90% of the time. You hate my son and are constantly trying to make him feel bad…you hate the fact that he will always come first because of your treatment towards him…you try to convince our daughter that I hate her because of your guilty conscience of leaving your firstborn daughter with your ex wife…We have 4 kids…I’m not sure how much longer I can last in this relationship.
I’m sorry that everything I do is wrong and that gives you the reasons to hate me but stop poking around my pussy if you can’t love, or even like the rest of me anymore….I’m done. We both deserve to be happy and I am no longer happy with you. We’re just surviving and going through the motions.

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  1. marie

    Lots of whining,complaining,blameing and anger here. Get into marriage counseling. Doesnt sound like either of you know how to communicate through the issues. God Bless


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