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Wife does not like giving head because she says I take to long to finish. How do I tell her she maybe needs to change her technique without hurting her feelings? Also considering I do down on her 2-3 time to climax every time we have sex I don’t think I’m being selfish for more of an effort on her part to pleasure me. Even how she approaches giving me head in the first place is very lack luster, even when unsolicited. I want to give her the hint that going down on her and getting drowned in an endless stream of her own juices was an acquired taste too, while I learned to enjoy the taste and smell of vagina it was no walk in the park the first time I tasted one. She does not mind the taste of seamen so that not the problem, I’d just like I little more “performance value”. I faked enjoying the act with several women, I eventually got to the point of being excited at of the smell of a woman, long before meeting my wife. She enjoys making me happy so I think a little effort on her part of faking it would be rewarding to see how much more I would enjoy myself. Try new things and be proud of how fast (or slow) she can get me off, having that power is intoxicating and she might learn to love doing it just as much as I do now one day. Win-win.

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  1. marie2

    If it takes you too long to climax why not masterbate yourself a little bit and get close to orgasm and then let her finish you off. My husband had to help me out like this when I first started giving him oral. He wasnt use to me giving him oral and I was a beginner LOL. So when we were kissing and touching eachother I would lube him up and stroke him some then he would take over for a bit just before I went down on him. Eventually I figured things out and he doesnt have to do that anymore. Also, he said that now that BJs are a regular thing he has stopped masterbateing alt5ogether so hes pretty ready to orgasm after a few days of no sex. Dont discourage her at all!!!!! Dont say anything or she might feel inadequate. Just get yourself close for her. The more she enjoys it the more you will get it. I like makeing my husband into a human chocolate sundae LOL. After he showers and shaves down there. I use to hate doing oral. Be as understanding and sensitive to her as you can be and be patient. Be happy your getting it ,so many men arent, and just help her out a bit. Have fun.

  2. Notme

    I have the same exact situation as he does. I could have wrote that. My wife just don’t get into it. She does love for me to go down on her though. She will surprise me once a year though. Luckily for me she isn’t jealous and I can get another girl to do it.


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