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My wife is pregnant with a black baby

Me and my wife have a 10yr old boy and have had substance abuse problems most of are marriage. We have been through everything. Are son had cancer, ive cheated on her. But we have always worked through it. But six months ago she tells me she was pregnant with are second child. We were worried but decided to keep it. Six months later she tells me she has been cheating an old friend and the babys his. She dosint want anything to do with him, or him to have anything to do with the baby. I still love her but have no idea what to do. We live next to her parents. I work at the same place as her mom. Please give any advice you have. Thanks

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  1. Elias41

    Damn. That’s selfish of her to say she doesn’t want the black father to be involved. This is a child, he should be given the opportunity to know his father regardless of how he was conceived. Don’t think because you cheated then its ok for her to as well. Its not. Leave her trifling ass. Anyway even if you don’t just know that a child changes everyyyyything

  2. Brenda

    I believe it is in the child’s best interest to know his/her father, if the father wants to participate in his child’s life; if the father does want to be involved, he should be required to pay support of said child. Don’t punish the only innocent one in this particular situation. If you two love each other and can get past this, as you have with all your past trials and tribulations, then for the sake of the child you have together, you should try. It is always a choice to forgive…choose wisely. Good luck to all of you,


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