Hate my husband
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Hate my husband

He FREAKIN’ NEVER goes anywhere….i could retire and even though i work in a less than desirible workplace, it is a million times better than being home with him 24/7….at this rate, i will be working til the day i die, just to get away from him….

We absolutely do not talk…i bring up things to talk about, just to break the boring as hell silence, and he will snarl something back at me, and even outright tell me in a not-too-kind- way he is uninterested, or even tell me he doesn’t care, etc.

Sex? Forget it….we haven’t had sex in YEARS, and i absolutely mean a minimum of 12 to 13 years; however, i have had sex through a couple of affairs, and am actively looking to have another one. Hey, it helps make my life less bleak!

I freakin’ despise and hate him! Passive-aggressive much? Oh hell yeah he is….last night he had to punish me for not turning off a light by not taking dog out one more time after i went to bed and i awoke to where the dog had peed in house to get back at me!!!

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  1. Real Deal

    Mom, you know you can always call us right?

    Seriously, could it be that he just forgot to take the dog out or maybe the dog just didn’t go?

    I have no clue as to either of your age but you make it sound as if you’re older and with that I’d expect you to know better.

    You’re coming on here bashing him and bragging about cheating. You’re no better than him. Perhaps he knows what you’ve done and is just living his life with is roommate (you).

    His lack of sex drive and bad attitude could be health related but I can see how a selfish jackass like you could miss that. I saw my own father develop into a monster all due to bad health and then the medicine he was on caused a personality switch as well.

    If he goes to the doctor then perhaps you should take time out of your cheating and go with him and have a talk with his doctor about these things…if he doesn’t then perhaps it’s time you grow up, act your damn age and get him to go see a doctor. Yea I know it will be difficult but you make it sound like your somewhat of an adult.

    Its a shame that too many people can’t figure out it takes 2 to make it work and 2 to make it fail. Everyone has issues and you’re not as perfect as you think.

    Sorry but you sound like a selfish bitch who’s in need of a good swift kick in her ass.


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