Liar and cheat
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Liar and cheat

So here’s my deal… I need some advice I’ve been going through some stuff…. I feel like I’m clingy and obsessed with what my husband is doing who he’s with and I’m pushing him away…… I met my husband June 23 2016 yes I know it’s only been a few months… we fell in love with eachother…. I have been in relationships in the past and I have never felt the way I do for someone than I do with him… we got married at the court house on August 19th 2016…. it was scary for me but I knew the man he was I wanted to spend the rest of my life with…. well like a week after we got married he started to stop doing the little things that made me fall in love with him.. I brushed it off…. when I was laying by him I woke up from a bad dream I was having I told him… babe I had the worst dream that you cheated on me… he said for real .. babe it’s just a dream I said ya you are right… well I know I shouldn’t have but he went to the restroom and I looked through his phone he had girls numbers and naked pictures of girls… also found that he was sending messages with pictures back and forth the day before … I confronted him… and told him hey why did you do this I thought you were happy with me with us he said I’m sorry I think it was just boredom…. I told him if I wasn’t married I would of walked away but since we were we can work through this.. if he promises not to do it again…. but not I feel like I’m obsessively trying to keep track of him and what he is doing…. I want things to go back to the way they were before it’s too early in the relationship to be stressing out about this… I trusted him I gave him my heart and he stepped on it I text him throughout the day… but we always did… he doesn’t do it as much… he don’t call me as much he don’t see what I’m doing as much….. he doesn’t seem to care as much he does tell me he loves me a lot and it seems like he regrets me and it hurts…. I want back what made me fall in love with him….. because if it’s like this in only a month of marriage I don’t know if I want to continue it…. fyi….. he lives in a different town than me… because he just got out of prison …ya I know…. in may and he is on parole and has to stay at his moms…. me I’m a college student and been slacking in my life because I’m constantly trying to keep tabs I need help what should I do should I stop texting him… how so I make him think of me or want to be with me … I do maybe I was just the first thing he got attached to since he’s been out and he figured he would keep me…. and maybe he wants his freedom ….. help please…. I don’t want to be some psycho wife…. I want him to act like he wants me again….do I just need to move on and do me…. or since we are married try and work through this I’ve never done this before….

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  1. Hotchick

    Please get divorced ASAP. When a person shows you who they are, BELIEVE IT! RUN. Sorry to say but you don’t have any foundation to build on. You don’t know this man at all. What you know is that he is a liar and cheat. Don’t waste your time and energy. Don’t waste your youth. RUN! RUN! You have received the GIFT of the truth early. Leave now with your dignity and youth. Go meet the man who really deserves you.


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