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did I mess up with my friend’s daughter?

I stayed over with a friend from high school after a night of drinking. He has an 18 yo teen daughter named Candace who kind of resembles a short, skinnier version of Kate Upton. I’ve known him for a long time and watched his girl grow up to this beautiful young lady. She’s your typical teen….loves music, facebook, dressing for attention. She has beautiful legs, amazing butt, always tan. She drives me crazy when she hugs me. I follow her on instagram and my boxers burn right off of me when she posts pics of her and her friends in bikinis. I’ve fantasized about her so many times. One night i stayed over at my friend’s house because we were a little too toasted. He said I could sleep on he couch and goes to bed. Lo and behold his daughter comes home and has also been drinking. Her legs and boobs looked so hot in that dress and her feet are so feminine and perfect. She went to her room to change and came back in a modest t-shirt and tiny cheer shorts. (I think she is or was a cheerleader in high school) She sits with me and we watch a movie for a little while……we chat and joke around between yawns (it was close to 2AM by now) When she looks away I can’t help looking at her gorgeous feet and those perfectly painted toenails. The conversation gradually slows, stalls and finally she passes out. She shifts positions a few times on the couch next to me and goes into this fetal position…. kind of plants her foot on my lap with her big butt facing me. My heart was thumping through my chest as I gently rubbed her leg and then stopped. I tried to see if she would wake or worse yet catch me. I kept rubbing her legs, then her feet. A few moments later she began to snore. I had a decision to make and I think I made the wrong one. I slid down my shorts and boxers and rested one of her feet against my erect penis. I squeezed it slowly and quietly with my right hand and began to massage her butt cheeks with my left hand. It was one of the hottest moments of my entire life but I also felt like I was doing something incredibly inappropriate and wrong. This went on for about 10 minutes or so when I realized that she was no longer snoring. The only time I really got a perfect view of her is when there was a very bright scene on the TV otherwise it was fairly dark but I did notice that there appeared to be a small “wet” spot about the size of a quarter on her light blue shorts. Did this mean she was aroused? By this time I was really close to coming and my jerking was increasingly quick. with a deep inhale Candace slowly woke, stood up, and walked straight to her room and closed the door. I’m terrified that she realizes what happened. I’m overcome with guilt but at the same time I fantasize about this many times over in my head. I want nothing more than to have unprotected sex with her from behind over and over. I’m so in love . She just went off to college and isn’t living at home any longer. I’d like to see if she’s interested in sex. I don’t want my wife or friend to find out. What should I do?

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  1. Jeremy

    Dude, if this is a true story, I hope you realize that you violated that girl. You molested her. You committed a crime.

  2. Jupiter

    You’re insane. You belong in jail.
    The fact that you’re asking proves you know it’s wrong and you’re seeking validation otherwise.
    You’re a rapist. Turn yourself in.

  3. Sickened

    Let me explain something to you as someone who has been inappropriately touched by men associated with my family. Everyone reacts differently to this sort of thing. Some of us stay quiet through the experience and try to act like we’re not aware it’s going on. We’re shocked. We can’t believe what you’re doing. We think it’s something we did to cause it. We feel like we somehow invited this assault. And we don’t know what we’re supposed to do to stop it. Because you’re not a stranger that we can just call the police on. You’re someone we have some kind of relationship with. We’re not going to find it all that easy to tell on you. We know how many lives will be destroyed as a result, including our own. The reason you’re able to take advantage of us in the first place is because you’re fully aware of that shortcoming in us. You know we’re vulnerable and easy to take advantage of in that way. We’re callow and afraid, and we won’t get up and scream like we’re supposed to. We’re confused. Because we might have acted a certain way with you. Maybe we were flirtatious. Maybe we tested our feminine charms on you as girls will sometimes do with older men. Doesn’t mean we wanted or expected you to ever touch us. So we’re shocked and filled with shame and guilt at the same time, thinking this is what we asked for. Some of us might even be confused by our bodies. Our sexual parts aren’t that different from other parts of us. If someone punches you in the nose right now like you deserve, you’re going to feel the sensation that usually results from that action. So it’s possible for you to touch us inappropriately and for our body to respond by registering the sexual stimulation. Doesn’t mean we desire you and welcome your inappropriate touch. Doesn’t mean we want to take part in what you’re doing.

    As has been stated by the other commenters, you committed a crime against this girl. Of course she knows what you did. And no, she’s not interested. She’s ashamed and disappointed and traumatized.

  4. Brenda

    You need help, what you did was violate that poor girl. A crime of opportunity because she was asleep and vulnerable? It’s a good thing she got up and went to her room when she did, I shudder to think what else you would have done! You say you’ve thought about her for a “long” time? You are a borderline pedophile and rapist, and I only wished she would have had you arrested because you belong in jail.


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