This morning my husband was complaining that another of his teeth was giving him problems. So I asked him if he was planning on being toothless by age 65. He said he didn’t care. He said he didn’t have to try to be sexy for anybody. I took offense because I figured he should care to try to be sexy for me. So I pointed that out, but he didn’t seem to care. So I said to him that I wasn’t ready for a toothless husband, so since he doesn’t care to take care of his teeth I would just have to start looking for someone younger. And he said outright that he doesn’t care about that either. So that’s what’s on my mind. I’m feeling like, what the hell am I doing married to someone who doesn’t care if I want him or not and doesn’t care if I take up with another man? He went on to say he wasn’t serious, but I believe he was very serious. He’s older than me by 13 years. He recently turned 60. I take good care of myself. He complains I’m too skinny, but I fall within normal weight. I’m not underweight. And I’m fit. And I’m attractive and have turned down other guys out of respect for my marriage. But if he doesn’t care then why am I staying?