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Husband daughter vs wife

My husband of 30 years and I have one daughter age 21. She is our daughter not a step and I find most articles are geared towards step children that have this issue. We have always been on different pages when it came to parenting. He always treated her like a friend growing up and taught her that what ever I said didn’t matter. They have always been best friends. Most of are issues always steamed around my daughter and the cause of most of are fightst. So from age 5 till recently he and her for that matter have treated. E like shit like a second class citizen in my own home. Earlier this year she moved out and things were wonderful. Now she moved back in and after a week he is back to treating me like shit. What causes a husband to side with his daughter, treat her like a princess and treat his wife like she is some piece of shit. I understand a love for a child is unconditional but to belittle your wife when she is around I don’t get!!!

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  1. Ely

    You are treated like shit when you allow yourself to be treated as so. Put your foot down and let the both know they better put some respect on your name!

  2. Jupiter

    He’s an ass.
    It’s not a competition but he sure is making it out to be one.
    He’s your enemy.
    If you love the child you’ll be good to the child’s mother.
    DIVORCE him.
    Your daughter will respect you.
    I’m guessing he is the boss and she kisses up to him to get her own way with things .
    DON’T blame her.
    He’s the bad one.
    SHE’S a victim just like you in his sick game of being a king.
    I feel heartbroken for you. YOU’RE obviously a good person or he couldn’t treat you this way. He probably cheats etc. He’s guilty and tries to feel justified by being the best parent since he’s a failure at being a loyal husband.

    Just a theory ..ultimately , time reveals everything.


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