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My husband fantasises about me having sex with a black guy(we are both white). Our whole relationship, (which is 19yrs.) I have always fantasised about my husband. I have never really had an imagination when it comes to sex. I like thinking about my husband. Now my husband is so frustrated with me because I cannot tell him what he wants to hear. I cannot fantasise about my husband with another woman. When I think about it, it bothers me. He wants me to fantasise about me, him, and other women. I cant! He provided me with reality, me and another woman but I really only did it cause he wanted me to. My husband was my first everything when I was 17, then he cheated on me and lied for quite awhile and trust was always a huge issue. Now I completely trust him but I dont want him to sleep with anyone else and I dont want to sleep with anyone else. What do I do?

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  1. frustrated husband

    Just a suggestion…Look him in the face and ask him…”do you think you’re ready to see me take a big black d**k? How would you feel if I really like it and crave it? Do you think you could deal with that?”

    I have a feeling he’s not thought that through or possibly he’s been up to something behind your back.


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