I’ve been bad…
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I’ve been bad…

I have been married a little over a year and in that year I have discovered that my husband who I still stupidly love was talking to several exes. Now I confronted him and like a child he threw a tantrum and continued to tell my I have it all wrong and it is of course not what I think…ok fine. I am convinced my husband is seeing more that one woman and he does not even have the courtesy to leave he just lies and tells me I am the only one , but I see the evidence before me. I do not want to leave my husband just yet, but I am sad and lonely. I sit in the house alone while he stays out sometimes days at a time with other women or as he puts it his “friends”. So I have started doing things not terribly cheat like but up there. There is a guy at my job and I’m not 100% attracted to him but he is a person I can keep my nails sharp on if you get my drift. I let him look and touch my breast from time to time and grope my ass when he feels like it to get my kicks. Harmless fun to get through the day when my husband doesn’t touch me because he is to busy chatting with instagram hoes or twitter bitches and facebook f**ks. Recently this guy indicated that he wanted to have sex and for me to give him a blow job I told him that is where I draw the line I will not put him in my mouth or body because I still reserve that for my husband.(I know im stupid to do that) I offered his something better I gave him a hand job at 2 o’clock in the afternoon in my office and he blew his load all over my work shirt (had to destroy that shirt). He was shaking I can tell he had not done that in a while and it made me feel powerful sexy alive. When he cleaned himself up I asked that he not forget to do the training seminar and let me know if he every needed it again and that was that.

I need that feeling again, but I want it from someone I am attracted to If my husband does not touch me or give me some kind of affection I’m afraid I am heading for a full affair.

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  1. track144

    I would get hard evidence of your husband cheating before going further. Is he truly hooking up and physically cheating?

    The guy at work situation sounds like cheating has occurred already. If I found out my wife did that I would take it as cheating.

    Either way you should tell your feelings about wanting to be with him-perhaps you already have. His response would tell you if you should work things out, seek counseling or split.

    It sucks to not have the feelings you have not be reciprocated. Your husband should acknowledge this-it’s time to be honest or it sounds like it’s over.

    1. Tajha

      Thank you . I do live my husband though my actions say otherwise I just want him to been the way he once was befire we got married.

  2. angela (angie)

    Hi Hunny

    I believe you need to have a frank discussion with your husband, and if he gets argumentative that is sure sign he is hiding something.

    If these people are so called friends and you are married when are you going to meet them?

    Ask to see his facebook twitter and phone if he has nothing to hide then he would not have a problem with that!!!

    Be careful with this guy at work for a few reasons.
    Can he be trusted if you decided to say no (would he start blabbing)
    Is he married? if so then to be honest you are acting no different from your hubby.
    I would be inclined to let this work guy down slowly so no hard feelings.

    If you just need sex then tell your hubby thats what you want.

    I would also make a point one night when he is home have a shower put on the gear stockings suspenders sexy everything makesure he sees you dressing up.
    any questions he asks just tell him that you did not think he would be around tonight so you have made plans to go out with some friends.leave around 7pm
    (then go out even if you go to the shops and buy nothing or meet a girlfriend anything but stay out for about 4 hours go for drive literally anything.
    But if he rings or texts do not answer it.

    just come home around 11 and see if there is a reaction.

    but at least it will let him know how you feel when your alone.

    good luck keep me posted



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