Husband or family, who is right and how do I choose.
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Husband or family, who is right and how do I choose.

My mother recently left her controlling husband. She had no where else to go. So she is temporarily living with my husband, my brother, and I. My brother is our roommate currently and my mom is sleeping on our couch. He pays rent on time and regularly, she is buying groceries and pitching in with housework.

My mother has always been a bit judgmental and my brother was always her favorite. He is a slob and is awful at dishes. She defends him every time we complain about it to him.

Unfortunately at this point my mother will be living with us for another few months until my brother can get an apartment of his own – tax season. My husband is tiredtired my mother’s judgmentalNess and my brother being a slob. Both of which I am as well but even after extensive conversations about it nothing has changed. I told him we just have to deal with it until they can move. Which I figure is about 4 months from now. He said he is gonna stay somewhere else until there gone. He is fed up with it.

I don’t want him to leave but my family has nowhere to go. Who do I choose and what do I do?????

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  1. Angie

    I am not one to give marriage advice given I can’t fix my own marriage, but I’d say family comes first. I understand your husband is upset at the “intrusion” of two of your family members, but if it truly is a temporary situation your husband should be able to put up with it, especially so in the case of your mother who needs your support right now. Perhaps if you can work on a deadline for your brother and mother finding their own places and stick to that deadline your husband would feel assured that this arrangement will not continue indefinitely as he likely fears.


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