My Wife doesn’t like to shower.
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My Wife doesn’t like to shower.

I rad an article that the poor man was saying his wife doesnt shower much. That his wife only showers 3-4 times a week. Shit! My wife only showers once a week and that’s only because I tell her to please shower

She comes from a very low class family. I’ve never seen such ignorance in my life. Her aunt who never was married or could she find at least 1 man to f**k her. Never ever showered and I mean never. This aunt iof hers lived with us for 20 years

Her mean ass sister who is my mother in law. Is probably the rudest person I’ve ever met. I can’t compare my mother in law to anyone because I’ve never seen this behavior before. I used to hear about mother in law stories but she tops them all. Let get back to my wife. When we got married her 1st words weren’t I love you. They were you know I don’t cook. Shit bitch you don’t clean either? What did you get married for? To use me? Like you have. My wife is horrible at marriage. Well! If anyone would have spent 5 min with her mom and aunt you would of noticed that she never stood a chance at a descent life. My advice to young people, love is more than a word. It’s a feeling if you only tell your partner you love him or her, you really don’t. Actions speak louder than words!. I can go on for ever about my wife but what good is that going to do. I’m writing this this morning because last night I had enough. The pig has only taken a shower once this week And last night I told her to shower at 8pm. I fell asleep woke up at 11pm. She was changing into her pj without showering. So last night was that night. I’m done with this lazy dirty bitch.

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  1. angie

    Wow Firstly and iam not blaming you completely but before you was married you knew what she was like, you knew what her family was like, (dont say weel i met on Monday married on Tuesday) you had been with her for sometime before you asked her to marry you) So everything you have written should not be no surprise to you!!!!! so to get married and then moan is you being irresponsible to yourself and the marriage.

    You need to sit her down and explain what you expect from her in the marriage, then show her other ways to look after herself take her to buy some new clothes and perfume get her hair done professionally, make her see what its like to take pride in herself, but to do that you must also step upto the plate.

    look for partner evenings where you can learn to cook and spend time together alone away from her as you put it disgusting aunt and mother.

    let her see and understand a different approach to life this may help.

    let me know how you get on


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